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A formula film worth our time

Durai Senthilkumar's acumen is on display throughout Kodi. As easy as it may sound, it is quite a task to make these formula films with a certain amount of conviction. It is good to see the director give his female characters consistently important roles.Having a heroine whose maturity level is beyond a sixth standard student itself seems like 'asking for the moon' these days. (more)

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A sincere attempt which could have been a little more gripping

What works for the film are its performance of Dhanush and most of the cast members. The first half is a little slow and the engagement factor is inconsistent there. But the director makes for this in the second half where the film takes on an important factor. There is a social issue which acts as the fulcrum for things to proceed in the second half. The political games and its wild ways are narrated well. Durai should also be lauded for not bowing down to commercial compromises to tell his story and one can perceive his sincerity in this endeavor. Toting it up, Kodi works for its earnest writing, treatment and performances and gives the audience a decent watching experience.(more)

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Political film saved by performances

Effective performances of Dhanush and Trisha and a few mass scenes in the second half make this neither realistic nor highly entertaining 'Kodi,' a watchable fare.(more)

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Solid political drama

Kodi is deliciously dramatic, and packed with sinister twists and turns with superb performances and solid writing. (more)

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Kodi Review

The real surprise in Kodi is how the director manages to makes this plot feel gritty within the boundaries of commercial cinema. The pre-interval stretch invokes comparisons with similar moments from Madras and Jigarthanda. At times, the film feels relentless, and this is where the lighter romantic track between Anbu and Malathi (Anupama) helps, as it nicely balances the heavier political drama. But even this gets pushed to the background in the second half, with the actual plot given the focus, and this single-mindedness turns out to be one of its strength. Perhaps Senthilkumar could have avoided the cliche of one man taking on numerous men in the climax, but even here, there is a surprise to make sure that we leave the theatre with satisfaction.(more)

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