Jacobinte Swargarajyam Review - Slightly monotonous but blissful

PUBLISHED DATE : 08/Apr/2016

Jacobinte Swargarajyam Review - Slightly monotonous but blissful

Jacobinte Swargarajyam – Slightly monotonous but blissful!!! 

Bharath Vijayakumar

It is indeed sometime since we had what we could define as a ‘family film’ in every sense. Vineeth Srinivasan’s latest offering is precisely that.



A good natured and highly successful businessman gets into trouble after a betrayal from someone he trusted. His son now has to ensure that the family stays afloat.



Nivin Pauly is likeable in a role that has nothing starry about it.  In fact he remains a supporting actor throughout the first half. It is the second half where the focus shifts to him. The actor has put in some weight around his belly to look the part of a slightly lazy youngster who has no worry of any sorts. Sometimes actors try to go beyond the call of duty to make their presence felt. Here is someone who is not insecure and is happy to stay true to the character. Renji Panicker is the soul of the first half and the actor has a nice charm about him. The character might come across as being a little too naïve to be real but the actor makes it a convincing portrayal. Lakshmy Ramakrishnan is extremely impressive as the gritty housewife.  The scenes where she raises her voice to create a flutter and close business deals are a scream.



At the start of the film something about the entire setup did look a tad artificial. It is likeable but you feel it is a little overdone. The sort of feel you used to get in Tamil films from director Vikraman in his hey days. You genuinely get a fear if everything would be hard impressed when you see a card displaying “Enter with a Happy Heart” at the entrance of the kitchen in Jacob’s house. But this is just momentary and you get into the groove soon and begin relating to the characters. The bad guy alone seems out of place in this ‘literal’ heaven. It is not about the villainy but the way the character behaves and more importantly the choice of words that seem out of place. This apart every character in the film leaves a pleasant impact on you. There are a number of scenes that are extremely heartwarming. The scenes involving the driver definitely come to mind. It is amazing how these actors are able to bring out tears or smiles with the minimum fuss. The climax stretch is again superbly done. Almost always two dear ones meeting after a while are shown hugging each other without a thought in our films. But the hesitancy that Jacob and his son show in this film feels so real. Nivin's love angle is left unexplored. But it is surprisingly good to see a film that does not try to thrust in a heroine. The end credits about the real life inspiration behind this film does give an overall enhancement to your feel.



Jacobinte Swargarajyam is a triumph of simple and neat storytelling aided by adorable performances. Though slightly monotonous at times the film is a blissful experience.


Rating: 3/5

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