Shiyanth Balashanthiran




Darbar Darbar

Vere level movie, everyone must watch especially the 90s and older will love it!


Hero Hero

Hero is an incredible inspiring movie, must watch and learn especially students like me! Don't fall for reviews as they can be weird but pls watch and enjoy perfect Shiva anna movie as I did not enjoy NVP but is a perfect comeback for him! 3.75 .... 100 crores for sure actually 120 crores as if you watch the movie you will know what I mean by 120 crores!


Arjun Reddy Arjun Reddy

Madhurame - Arjun-Reddy this song both languages has been copied by the epic Mahabharatham!!!!!! Music director hmm interesting it sounds good hope you have referenced this tho!


Adithya Varma Adithya Varma

This song Amudhangalaal is copied from the epic Mahabharatham Krishna! I GOT AN EXAMPLE AND SHOW YOU ASAP! I KNOW ITS THE BEST SONG BUT ITS COPIED FROM THE EPIC MAHABHARATHAM!!!