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Arjun Reddy
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This film is a sensation!

Though the film drags a bit in the second half, it sure is a sensation for Telugu cinema, and all the credit goes to director Sandeep for coming up with a subject like this. Although this is his debut film, one feels like he is an old hand. On his part, Vijay Deverakonda brings Arjun Reddy alive. A ...(more)

Source: Suresh Kavirayani, Deccan Chronicle


Bold and Trippy

Watch this film as it completely reinvents the youthful lover story genre. It doesn't appeal to all kinds of people as it is not told in a conventional way. Mainly youth and audiences who are game for new things will connect with the film. (more)

Source: GreatAndhra, greatandhra.com


Arjun Reddy Movie Review

The dialogues, characters, instances in the film are so raw and realistic, one almost does not mind the long run time that drags in the second half. What also deserve a special mention are the beautiful songs, with music director Radhan doing a brilliant job of them. 'Arjun Reddy' is simply put, the...(more)

Source: Neeshita Nyayapati, Times Of India


Vijay Deverakonda's film deserves to be celebrated

In Arjun Reddy, the flower pot is backed by a heavy screenplay that leaves you with a lump in your throat. Because, let's address the elephant in the room -- Indian audiences are so obsessed with the folklore, Devdas, that the recursive premise, the characters, sort of, earn a cult following.(more)

Source: Srivatsan , India Today


Story of a modern Devdas

Arjun Reddy is a new age Telugu cinema which has never been attempted before. It is intense, hard-hitting and quite adulterated with its intent. The youth will surely love this break-up saga which single handedly relies on Vijay Devarakonda�s stand out performance. This is not a family film and the ...(more)

Source: 123telugu Team, 123telugu.com

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Shiyanth Balashanthiran

Madhurame - Arjun-Reddy this song both languages has been copied by the epic Mahabharatham!!!!!! Music director hmm interesting it sounds good hope you have referenced this tho! (more)

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Emitemitemo” Ananta Sriram Alphons Joseph Listen
2 “Madhurame” Shreshta Sameera Bharadwaj Listen
3 “Mangaluru” Anantha Sriram Nikhita Gandhi Listen
4 “Telisiney Na Nuvvey” Rambabu Gosala LV Revanth
5 “Mari Mari” Mandela Pedaswamy Gowthami
6 “Oopiri Aaguthunnadhey(Break Up song)” Rambabu Gosala Revanth Listen
7 “Gundelonaa” Shreshta Sowjanya
8 “Jukebox” Listen