Ramesh Kannan S




24 24

24 is an intelligent mix of Science fiction and whistle worthy commercial entertaining elements. Suriya pulled off with his mannerisms and charms in most of the dragging moments in the first half of the movie. Suriya aces in all the three characters especially menacing Athreya is a treat to watch. Nithya Menon shines in the brief cameo. Vikram Kumar's gripping screenplay in the second half (except for the romance and song) makes this well made Sci-fi thriller enjoyable. Samantha's romance portions is a huge let-down although Vikram Kumar makes some of the portions interesting with imagine-o-romance-0-philia and some nice touches in an otherwise hugely boring romance track. Rahman's Music and BGM sounds apt although nothing extaordinary to offer from the composer. Cinematography is top notch with stunning visuals and frame color pallates are visually appealing. Overall, nice movie to watch especially for Suriya if one can tolerate first half of the movie. Comparisons with Indru Netru Naalai are bound to be there because of the same genre. INN surely was a sincere attempt and stays true to the genre of the movie with right healthy mix of comedy and Sci-fi elements. But Suriya needs to be lauded for experimenting with different scripts from Maatraan, 7 aum Arivu and now 24 unlike other A listed commercial actors in Tamil movie scenario.


ThoongaVanam ThoongaVanam

Thoongavanam, neatly made thriller with slight pace issues and movie has little awe-inspiring moments like Kitchen fight sequences, dialogues. Technical wise music and DOP is brilliant. Apart from Kamal and Trisha, other major characters are not utilized fully. Though individually they did their part well.


Yennai Arindhaal Yennai Arindhaal

Yennai Arindhaal is Goutham Menon's third outing in his sequence of cop films after Kaaka Kaaka and Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu. Characterizations too traverse along the same path as those previous films like Jyothika as a divorcee with a child is replaced by Trisha as Hemanika. Protagonist proposes to Trisha and dialogues about raising Trisha's child throws light on upper middle class family's mindset and approval was given by baby Anikha with her emotions. Her emotions speak a lot in some of the well scripted scenes and montage sequences in the song unakenna venum sollu and Idhayathai Edho ondru. Performance wise Ajith as Sathya dev traverse from 13 year boy, gangster, tough cop to caring father and it's Ajith show throughout the film. Another strong character is movie's antagonist Arun Vijay who enters large screen after a long hiatus and makes us awestruck with his performance and characterization too strong similar to Kaaka Kaaka's Pandiyan. Both leading actress Trisha and Anushka looks ravishing and marks their presence in short memorable characters. Another good thing in Goutham Vasudev menon's movies is portrayal of women and most of his women characters will be independent and practical. Grace and elegance of the heroines in Menon movies is accentuated mainly by their appealing costumes designed by Anu vardhan. Vivek evokes laughter with his one liners without interrupting the pace of the movie. Screenplay is lethargic in first half and jam packed in second half. Some well made action sequences like climax chase between Arun Vijay and Ajith, while Ajith reveals himself as cop in the first half is highlight. On the technical side movie has brilliant cinematography by Dan Macarthur and picturization of Unakenna Venum Sollu is highlight among the songs. Maya Bazzar picturisation is little disappointment as dubstep portion in the song is removed and transition also not smooth. BGM by Harris Jayaraj with screeching guitars and drums is commendable although in action sequences sounds are bit jarring. Overall Yennai Arindhaal is good watch for Ajith's and Arun Vijay's performances although director gave predictable treatment similar to his previous movies.