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Yennai Arindhaal
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Production A M Rathnam
Cinematographer Dan Macarthur
Writer Sreedhar Raghavan
Art Director Rajeevan
Editor Anthony

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On the lines of KK and VV, an action packed entert

YennaiArindhaal heavily falls into the character of Satyadev, a character etched pretty well by GVM. Makes us wonder if anyone else apart from Ajith could have done a better job out of it. For the character requires a bold and daring voice, the very voice that would send shivers down a rogue, the ch...

by - IndiaGlitz.com

Rating (3/5)

It's Gautham's movie with Ajith adding colour admirably

If a story has to be told with an individual who enjoys a larger than life persona off-screen, isn't that a challenge? With the premise of the story being simple and intact, Yennai Arindhaal is what Sathyadev experiences as a timid boy, an uptight cop, a passionate lover, a loving father and a kille...

by - Behindwoods.com

Rating (3/5)

Watch Yennai Arindhaal for Ajith's majestic screen presence and the underlying emotional current.

Yennai Arindhaal is a typical Gautham Menon movie and one can call it as the director's cop trilogy. After Suriya (Khakha Khakha) and Kamal Haasan (Vettaiyaddu Vilayadu), this time Ajith wears the Khaki and it is yet another episode in a police officer's life.

by - Sify.com

Rating (3/5)

Ending cop trilogy on a high

Gautham manages to have pulled off Yennai Arindhaal but only just. There are places where the narrative sags and even confuses. But where he redeems himself are the sequences that lay emphasis on human emotions.

by - The Hindu

Rating (3/5)


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    Ramesh Kannan S

    Yennai Arindhaal is Goutham Menon's third outing in his sequence of cop films after Kaaka Kaaka and Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu. Characterizations too traverse along the same path as those previous films like Jyothika as a divorcee with a child is replaced by Trisha as Hemanika. Protagonist proposes to Trisha and dialogues about raising Trisha's child throws light on upper middle class family's mindset and approval was given by baby Anikha with her emotions. Her emotions speak a lot in some of the well scripted scenes and montage sequences in the song unakenna venum sollu and Idhayathai Edho ondru.
    Performance wise Ajith as Sathya dev traverse from 13 year boy, gangster, tough cop to caring father and it's Ajith show throughout the film. Another strong character is movie's antagonist Arun Vijay who enters large screen after a long hiatus and makes us awestruck with his performance and characterization too strong similar to Kaaka Kaaka's Pandiyan. Both leading actress Trisha and Anushka looks ravishing and marks their presence in short memorable characters. Another good thing in Goutham Vasudev menon's movies is portrayal of women and most of his women characters will be independent and practical. Grace and elegance of the heroines in Menon movies is accentuated mainly by their appealing costumes designed by Anu vardhan. Vivek evokes laughter with his one liners without interrupting the pace of the movie.
    Screenplay is lethargic in first half and jam packed in second half. Some well made action sequences like climax chase between Arun Vijay and Ajith, while Ajith reveals himself as cop in the first half is highlight. On the technical side movie has brilliant cinematography by Dan Macarthur and picturization of Unakenna Venum Sollu is highlight among the songs. Maya Bazzar picturisation is little disappointment as dubstep portion in the song is removed and transition also not smooth. BGM by Harris Jayaraj with screeching guitars and drums is commendable although in action sequences sounds are bit jarring.
    Overall Yennai Arindhaal is good watch for Ajith's and Arun Vijay's performances although director gave predictable treatment similar to his previous movies.  


    Kevin Mysterio

    Super mass by thala wonderfull the ajith film is now newly established by gautam vasudev menon 


    Trulok Chandar

    Thala Marana Mass
    Good Attempt From GVM
    Reborn Again after many Years Arun Vijay (A) Victor 
    Movie Mass Action-Thriller  


    Shivram Rb

    YA is a biographical type movie which focuses on a specif part of the life of Sathyadev(Ajith)
    Performance - Ajith has lived the role of Sathyadev,he has given a top class performance and a memorable one.His expressions in
    emotional scenes could have better.Trisha is tailor made for Hemanika and she was awesome.Trisha comes for a short time but 
    her role lingers around throughout the film.Arun Vijay has given his best performance till date as victor,be it his action sequences or dialogue delivery he was at his best.His physique also helped him portray victor as well as he did.Anushka(Thenmozhi) was not characterised well with many questions arising about her role.
    Vivek plays Richard(colleague of Ajith) who brings laughs at few places.
    Techinal Department - Editor Anthony has done a commendable job as he has made 2nd half very engaging though he could have done better in 1st half.Dan Macarthur cinematography is splendid work.The way he has shot action sequences is awesome.Music by Harris songs were decent and his BGM was very apt.Unnakena venam and mazhai vara pogudhe was picturised well.Yaen Ennai was not upto the mark.Stunt Silva's action sequences was one of the best in recent times being natural and impactful.Costume and make up department has done a very good job to make the looks as natural as possible.
    Movie - The story was narrated smoothly. The first had 5 songs which were good but a couple of them were a hindrance to the narration.The way GVM builds up Sathyadev's character was very good.Coming to the 1st half, the story was moving at a sluggish pace.After half an hour the director was stuck at a part of Sathyadev's life and refused to move forward till the interval. Anushka's character was a negative as some of her actions are questionable.But the director built up a massive plot in 1st half which he exploited to full potential in 2nd half.Post interval GVM went full throttle, there was not a single boring sequence.Arun Vijay takes full control in 2nd half and his rivalry with Ajith makes the movie very
    engaging.Be it the climax,split scene sequence both the actors were awesome.Anika who plays Isha filled the emotional quotient of the film through her expressions.
    Her sequences with Ajith especially Unnakena Venum song will be a big hit among family audience.The movie had few twists here and there of which most of them were predicable.
    The dialogues was good most of the time but for some scenes it could have better to create more impact,but GVM had clarified that Ajith did not want mass dialogues for the sake of it.
    The number of foul words was too much but it is justifiable if you see it as a part of Sathyadev's character,after all YA is about Sathyadev.
    The emotional sequences could have been better as it was not very impactful.The romance portions between Sathyadev and Hemanika was subtle and romantic
    but not as romantic as GVM's previous ones.On the whole YA is a class film which narrates the life of Sathyadev to near perfection.The 1st half could have been more engaing and fast paced.
    The screenplay could have been better.Victor's character could have been exploited more may be by showing why he came into this mafia group like how Ilamaran/Amuthan had in VV.
    The climax portions was very impactful and gives a perfect finish to the film.Kudos to Ajith for portraying this role which has no element for a mass hero and maintains a natural tone throughout.
    GVM should be praised for making a movie that will cater to all audience rather than playing it to the masses 


    Vignesh Bala

    A good attempt from GVM after some disappointing outings. He's back in his usual Action Thriller genre. Good to see Ajith in such a different role and boy, how did he justified it. Terrific he was, one of his top 3 performances for me after Vaali and Mankatha. Arun Vijay too surprised with his great portrayal of victor. Though, not much of a story, but Goutam successfully finishes his 3 part cop trilogy. Another good film from Kollywood this year. Keep up the good work!