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CHENNAI 600028 - 2 CHENNAI 600028 - 2

Super movie , enjoyed a lot . Everyone will enjoy this multistar movie , especially those who liked the first part will surely like this . Great work from Venkat Prabhu . Shiva , Jai , Aravind , Premgi , Vijayalakshmi , ..... performed well . Yuvan's songs and bgm rocked the theaters . Eventhough this movie deals with family of the stars , cricket is the main subject (as seen in the first part of Chennai 28 movie ). This movie also shows us that age is just a number . The stars forgetting their age comes together and plays cricket in awesome manner as they did in the first part . Jai and Sana are the main attraction of the film but others have their own importance throught their movie especially Shiva . Overall this is a superb , entertaining movie for all . Don't miss it .