Shanmuganathan Ganesan

  1. 96 U

    #96 the Film : 
    Feel Of Love
    Pain Of Love
    Joy Of Love
    Blossom Of Love
    Nature Of Love
    Classic Of Love
    Beautiful Of Love 
    And it goes on !! Goosebumps with Film of Soulful BGM !! First Time crowd's Cheers BGM for Vj Sethupathi Film  
    Paaahhhh enna Feeeeel !!  Outstanding Performance as Ram  Janu by Young charecters as well Vijay Sethupathi & Trisha  ... Fully mesmerized !! Can't come out of their chemistry on screen !! They not acted !! Literally given their soul n lived as pair  
    #96 = It's an Feel & True & Pain & Celebration Of Love !! 
    True Feelings & Love ll b alive even person not for us & not near to us 
    Must n Must watch Film   


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