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  1. Theri U

    First thing big kudos to Dir.Atlee to bring back Thalapathy in to Commercial Formula from Disaster "Puli" Film Failure.. Vijay Badly needs an must HIT for Trade. Almost Dir.Atlee has done it.
    Story-wise: Nothing much to say n not new concept too. Just an simply story. as many says might b old wine in new bottle but screen presence is important for New Bottle Guys.
    First Half : Film begin's with Top BGM by G.V.P and Calm Intro by Vijay and Baby Nainika. Pillar of the film can say easily is Vijay .. Since normal story n fully surrounds for commercial elements he has handle it and nail it with performance. Samantha n Radhika very apt for the role n done best for film. Amy as somewhat okish performance after her mokka gethu film. Highlight scenes are school scene,Interval block Theriii Level.
    Second Half: Story fully turned in to commercial revenge formula and regular villain n hero trap n killing concept. It done neat by all the lead actors.Highlight Scenes are Vijay Re-entry in to police station fight,Bridge Jump as caring father to save her child,some punch dialogues too for pucca commercial element's.
    Acting wise Thalapathy Vijay's show all the way n his acting,dialogue delivery,punch words,dance pucca and in rom asual was cool. Samantha was sooo cute n done beautiful role. Baby Nainika wat an cute girl with each n every dialogue delivery n her expressions n lip-sync all were amazing.
    Songs by G.V.P are better but B.G.M was marana massss .. As i mentioned in songs review Eeina Menna Teeka,En Jeevan and Jithu Jilladi songs are visually THERIIII ...
    Dir.Atlee Given a commercial film with all elements family,drama,romantic,comic,action as cocktail entertainer but little bit faster screenplay might turned film in to more racy rather he putted all show on Vijay shoulder and he done as one man show to full-fill all sort of audience along with baby nainika ..
    Verdict : It's An Commercial Entertainment film with Loaded masss for all Thalapathy Fan's and watchable Family Entertainment film for all cinema lover's. For sure Minimum Film Will Get "HIT" TAG in Box-Office.
    Go n Watch It.
    Verdict: 3.25/5  


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