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  1. Theri U

    #Theri seems to be a desperate attempt in making a Hit movie rather than a good movie,Director Atlee just like his previous "Raja Rani" takes an old story and tries to "Update" it as suitable for current was "Mouna Ragam" for "Raja Rani" and now it is "Chatriyan" for "Theri". but he fails in screenplay department where he fairly succeeded in "Raja Rani".
    Movie starts on a breezy note showing the beautiful relationship between a single father and his daughter, Theri Baby nainika takes total control of these scenes with her cuteness, kudos to Vijay for allowing this.Vijay also underplays well as a caring father Joseph Kuruvilla .though we know that the silent hero will have a violent flashback and explode at a stage ,and that moment comes very soon with an uninspiring transformation scene.
    the flashback scenes are actually a collage of tamil movies in the past 20 years,we can play a "guess the movie" game for which scene is lifted from which movie.and songs play a spoil sport wiht one song after another continously shows up and slows the movie which is already limping. and when we start thinking that this is a dead rubber,there comes sparking pre interval scenes of around fifteen minutes, those scenes are the major highlights and pakka mass scenes.
    Post interval the movie misses to capitalise the momentum and travels again in a very familiar route,and the last half an hour about Vijay's Comeback as "ghost" are funnny to say the least, even the much expected mahendran doesnt create any impact so does the heroines samantha and Amy.
    #Theri looks rich thanks to the production values and colorful photography by George C.Williams , Editing is sloppy with some portions moving in a sloth pace and some scenes rushed up in urgency.GVP shines only with his bgm for action sequences.
    you have to seriously appreciate Vijay for giving his best for this film, he lightens up the poor screenplay with his screen presence and turns to be the saviour.he is super fit and smart as Deputy 
    Commisioner Vijay Kumar.only Nainika and Vijay makes this movie watchable.
    The Real problem of Theri is over hyped Atlee, he seems to have indulged much in the success of his previous movie and taken this Golden oppurtunity to direct Vijay very lightly.
    Keep your expectations very low and watch #Theri Vijay and nainika will give you some moments to enjoy.
    Rating : 2.5/5  


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