Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum (U)
11/Mar/2016 Love,comedy 2hrs 17mins

Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum

Govardhan Gopal

  1. Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum U

    Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum is easily one of the finest 'Relationship based' films to have come out avoiding all cliches associated with a normal love story or rom-com. I am calling this a relationship based film and not entirely a rom - com as this is more a story about 2 people having aims of varying capabilities in life (an IT job and a bar of his own respectively) but they end up being each other's support systems with weird turn of events. Nalan's potrayal of this relationship has to stand as one of Tamil cinema's finest in recent times. The Korean original was beautifully adapted by Nalan to suit Tamil audience and has made it work with really quirky writing and superb dialogues. Vijay Sethupathy's beautifully subtle performance added with Madonna's stunning debut showing make this a must watch. Kathir' and Yazhini's characterizations were uniquely presented without any over the top scenes and Kudos to the team for a neat entertainer. Hats off to Vijay Sethuathi for selecting varied scripts and being commercially successful with them too. Well Done Hattrick Nayagan Vijay Sethupathi !!   


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