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  1. Vivegam U/A

    Vivegam - High production value, Less engaging!!!
    James bond/Mission impossible kind of film which had enough one line story which could have been compromised in screenplay as most of the Hollywood movies do. High production value right from the locations to the gadgets and properties used. Excellent BGM, cinematography and editing (not the direction: P ) . Best choice of hero and film is technically well. 
    Ajith's Introduction is top notch with Anirudh Ravichander's BGM followed by a ROFL max bridge stunt . Kajal Aggarwal's performance was good but had been a major speed breaker in the movie esp , in the second half. AksharaHaasan's introduction was mass and performance was ok. Stunt's were OK but the shaky camera work spoiled it more. Bike chase was good spoiled by a sentiment ( Siva's touch :D ). There were few moments in action sequences which resembled pre 2010's Actor Vijay's stunts  ( Flying/sliding etc ). A very Weak confused Villian who always praises his enemy didnt help in anyway. Ajith is known for his slow motion shot walks which suit him well and that everyone knows ,well theres a lot of it in this film too. In addition to that there was slow motion dialogues thorughout the film by both hero and villain. It goes in the same pace as the one appeared in the trailer "Indha ulagame unna edhirthalum" . No modulation in any of it.
    Screenplay was racy but struggled to engage the audience. Average first half , below average second half with a ROFL max climax  which can be enjoyable for fans. It went like Kajal started singing, Ajith tore his shirt and fought the viilian was a 1990's formula. Ajith should be appreciated for No smoking, No drinking, no bad words scenes and his dedication to the film which can be seen in the end credits, but that alone didn't help the movie's result. !


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