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  1. Theri U

    *** NO SPOILERS *** 
    Yes it is terrific for Thalapathy Fans!! So the next question , "How is it for the others???" To find that out , read below!! :) 
    Story : Very very very very olddddddddd usual story!!!! One can guess the story from its trailer itself and yes it was the same in the movie as well. Nothing more to say on it. There are several talks that this story reminds vijayakanth's Sathriyan. I dont know about it as I havent watched it. May be it is true,  Atlee Kumar could have concentrated more on that!
    Music : G.V.Prakash Kumar 's 50th movie, Songs were good but weren't great for his 50th movie but the BGM was pukka throughout the movie. 'Theri dub step' thrills you in places which adds up to the scene as an energy boost. 
    Cinematography : George C. Williams I mentioned this guy in my previous Naanum Rowdy Dhaan review that I was becoming a fan of him. From this movie, I am his fan and it was super cool to watch all these scenes through his vision.
    Stunts : Thank god , there was no air stunts like one will be flying in the air, either the hero or the goons who were punched by the hero. Dilip subburayan had given powerful stunts.
    Casting and performances: Like Raja Rani , this movie also had a perfect casting. Radhika and Prabhu, though they appear for minor roles, they were perfect in it. First time Motta rajendran had been roped in for an important role and he did justice with a slight flavor of his usual comedy. The Legendary Director Mahendran was the antagonist and was normal. Anyone could have done the role.  The Lady leads, Samantha Ruth Prabhu looked awful with her overdose make up that sometimes would confuse you whether she actually a human or a plastic doll. Performance wise she was good and not great but the chemistry between vijay and her worked out. Amy Jackson looked awful too with her WIG MANDA lol :D . Her role was a KERALA teacher but I wonder why atlee made her to look like a KOREA teacher :P. Baby Nainika was such a cute doll and she nailed it as the dialogues were uber cool . It was a treat to watch all the scenes which she involved and the father daughter relation was perfect!
    So , the man of masses and screen presence ILAYATHALAPATHY Actor Vijay at one of his finest performances . This movie would have been utter crap without this guy's awesome screen presence and charisma! Vijay's performance is matured and was a perfect fit cop with no unwanted punch dialogues. One can witness the old 90's romantic vijay in parts of the movie and the recent mass vijay in other parts. 
    Direction and Screenplay: Hard work never fails! , Atlee Kumar 's hard work can be seen throughout the movie. He took up a very simple story and refurbished with perfect cast and a mighty lead. The way he handled emotions and songs are perfect could have concentrated more on the second half's romantic scenes which slows down the movie a bit. Interestingly he included the latest social issues in the story.  He studied vijay completely and utilized him in the best possible way . All the mass, emotional, romantic  scenes were class but with a limit. There wasn't too much mass or masala or punch dialogues ( like vaaaaa daaaa deeiii!!! camera zooms in and out , top to bottom and all ) , or too much emotions or sentiments like serials or vikraman movies . It was a perfect blend of the things mentioned above and with Vijay in it, then its a runaway hit!!.
    As mentioned initially, vijay fans will celebrate while for others, its  perfect decent family entertainer for summer with no double meaning dialogues, no glamour in songs etc.
    P.S : Some ardent fans will say its better than Kaththi , dont believe them ( adichu sonnalum nambadhinga :P :D ) !!!  


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