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  1. Theri U

    Theri : Vijay made it theriffic
    Film start with two theri babies Vijay and nainika in kerala,DOP George showed his skills and he also shows what he is capable of.Stunt master dilip nailed all the action scenes ,GVP made justification to his role with BGM but failed at some times,Samantha role is a next door girl she performed well in love scenes,Amy Jackson comes and goes like a flash,Atlee it is hard to believe u are directing your second one.The theatre roars for othasollala dance by Vijay and the dialogue of "Vijay kumar " with mahendran sir,Director Mahendran is awesome for this villain character with ease,Radhika sarathkumar will remind us our mom.
    A very old plot,a very good screenplay .
    Atlee should have tried some other script worth more for a super hero like Vijay, although he manages to Justify his direction .Rajendran gives us laughter service with Vijay combo.
    If u wanna ask where does Theri stands,it stands some where with Thalaiva in story and Thupakki in screenplay.
    Theri won't let u down at any moment,Vijay ,Atlee and co make your money worth.
    Rating :3/5  


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