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Director SHANKAR S
Production M. SaravananM. Saravanan and M.S. Guhan
Music Director A.R. Rahman
Writer Shankar, Sujatha
Cinematographer K V Anand
Stunt Director Peter Hein
Art Director Thotta Tharani
Editor Anthony Gonsalvez

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Go for it… It is entertainment guaranteed.

Technically, ‘Sivaji’ is a revelation. In case you feel that it has a predictable story, then there are stunning visuals, which is paisa vasool. K.V.Anand's cinematography is top class. Art director Thotta Tharani work is enticing. Musically the film is a treat, as Rahman has given his best in recen...

by - Sify.com

Rating (3.5/5)

A beautiful spectacle of stars.

The story is as old as the old wine which the director of the show, Shankar himself has often said. Sujatha makes it up with his sharp and witty dialogues. Art director Thotta Tharani creates stunning sets for the songs. A R Rahman's songs sound and look definitely better with the dazzling visuals by K.V.Anand.

by - Rediff.com

Rating (3.5/5)

The Boss is always right.

When state-of-the-heart and state-of-the-art find a match, what you get is three hours of sustained entertainment that is at once a compelling phantasmagoria of trademark Rajni fun and typical Shankar grandeur. It is a case of desire meeting dream, and almost making it plausible. Matching the statur...

by - IndiaGlitz.com

Rating (4/5)

A must watch.

In a nutshell, the movie is SUPERB. NOT just because of Shankar's screenplay and slick effects - which is all there in skill and abundance, NOT just because of how fantastic Superstar Rajni and Shriya look - which they do, NOT just because of how amazing and beautiful the sets in the movie are, espe...

by - galatta.com

Rating (4/5)

A magnum opus in style.

Diligently chiseled to meld Shankar’s formula and Rajinikanth's style, AVM's ‘Sivaji’ is a treat for frenzied fans of action. ‘Sivaji’ provides enough and more for style-starved cinema-goers all over. And the appreciable factor is ‘Sivaji’ carries a solid message too. Shankar’s story, though on gues...

by - The Hindu

Rating (3.5/5)


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