Charulatha (U)
21/Sep/2012 Horror, Drama

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Charulatha is an average show and is not spooky enough.

One might feel that Pon Kumaran has tried too much to stick to the original version. There are few heartwarming sequences like the one in which both the twins play the violin together. But, the commercial elements like comedy sequences and songs dilute the horror experience. (more)

Source: Raven, MovieCrow


For a horror film, there is not much of spookiness or eeriness but for the oft-repeated spiritual sojourns.

Sundar C Babu's score does not have enough spunk in it to aid in this sector. There are just about two songs which are pedestrian. Comedy in the name of the small boy and Harathi are downers and the boy's voice especially is an aural sore of top order. In fact the portions involving these two artist...(more)

Source: Review Board,


Priya Mani appeals in her each and every frame showing variations - as the soft and timid Charu and bold and confident Latha.

The script had all the potential to become an engaging thriller had the director concentrated on the execution.(more)

Source: Anupama Subramanian, Deccan Chronicle


Charulatha is proof to how a pathetic film can sabotage the ability of a talented actress.

The unpredictable twist was commendable, but it wasn`t handled well. Direction by Pon Kumaran is best when spoken the least. In an attempt to make the film appear scary, he struggles to make the audience connect with the film.(more)

Source: Review Board, Zee News


The saving grace of the film is Priyamanis twin role as otherwise the script and presentation is shoddy. There is more comedy elements thrust into the film than the essentials of a horror film.

It turns out to be a watered down Indian remake which is neither spooky nor entertaining. The film has all the usual shock elements associated with a horror film- creaking doors, ghost image and messages on the mirror, ghost attack in the bathtub, tantric and his tantrums and final fire in the clima...(more)

Source: Movie Buzz,


For those who wish to watch the spirits of the dead that don't frighten you much!

The idea of a story of conjoined twins sounds novel all right, but the effort to make it convincing doesn't seem enough. So most of the time it's like two girls putting their arms around one another! No strain, no pain, no suffering except for their measured steps while walking, they seem to be quit...(more)

Source: Malathi Rangarajan, The Hindu


Chaarulatha is Priya Mani's show all the way.

Debutant Ponkumaran has done a good job adapting the movie in the Indian context, but not all is well. Though the opening song was unnecessary in a movie belonging to this genre, it can be forgiven but some other portions are jarring, especially the very artificial effort to introduce humour in the ...(more)

Source: N Venkateswaran, Times Of India