Raavana Kottam (U/A)
12/May/2023 Family, Action 2hrs 24mins

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Raavana Kottam
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A Film With No Redeeming Qualities!

A rural actioner which tries to portray many conflicts but in the process it forgets the purpose of why the story is being told. Characters, screenplay and execution of the scenes are so immature in the level of nothing can save these aspects.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


A socio-political drama that doesn't find its way

Ravana Kottam is a film that lacks depth and mounts itself on a narrative that's not impactful enough.(more)

Source: Logesh Balachnadran, Times Of India

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Raavana Kottathula” K Ekadesi Diwakar Listen
2 “Athana Per Mathiyila” Karthik Netha Yazin Nizar, Vandana Srinivasan Listen
3 “It Athu But Aanaal” K Ekadesi Senthil Dass,Roshini,Priya Prakash
4 “Maayamma” K Ekadesi Sivam
5 “Thala Saanjuruche” K Ekadesi Anthony Daasan,Madurai Chandran
6 “Karuva Mara Kaatukulla” K Ekadesi Anthony Daasan
7 “Juke Box” Listen