Raavana Kottam Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 12/May/2023

Raavana Kottam Review

Raavana Kottam Review

Ashwin Ram


Raavana Kottam is a rural action drama starring Shanthanu, Anandhi and Prabhu in the lead roles. Directed by Vikram Sugumaran of Madha Yaanai Koottam fame.


Happening around Ramanathapuram, Prabhu is the village head who is keen on maintaining peace between the upper and lower caste people. What happens after he gets killed is the crux of the story.

Writing/ Direction:

Putting out the only good in the film first, the 'Seemai Karuvelam tree' topic it has touched is different and the monologue explaining the plan of the corporates and how dangerous it can be is interesting. But even that scene is spoiled by a spy who appears as a garbage cleaner and places a voice recorder in the district collector’s room. It is a politically wrong film from its base, the ideology it intends and what is conveyed is totally contradictory. Several subplots and conflicts are tried to be portrayed, there is no focus in any of the tracks, in fact it struggles so badly to even choose what is the center theme of the film. The initial romantic portions between Shanthanu and Anandhi are old-school, with a bizarre backstory, it becomes even worse when it unapologetically becomes a playful triangular love for no reason, cringe max. portions of the film are those that happen between Shanthanu and his best friend. Poor staging is proved at every single instance, such terrible screenwriting and execution of scenes that feels horrific to realize Madha Yaanai Kootam director has made this one too. And what lame way to put the film’s title card. It becomes worse in the progression, not even a single moment has any sort of momentum. In fact, it is one such film which can be made fun of at regular intervals when witnessed as a group.


Shanthanu has done a decent job, he has not spoiled the film with his performance like the others have. Who can fit better in a rural role than Anandhi, but her character is quite annoying. The fresher who has played Shanthanu’s bestie is irksome with his performance. Prabhu on the other hand overacts like how the old actors express so much to convey an emotion. Aruldoss feels like a big joke as a terrifying MLA. Likewise, there are plenty of monotonous characters and crappy performances in the film.


Feels pitiful to think about Justin Prabhakaran, the man who has made gold out of nothing. Decent songs to be honest and in fact a solid re-recording work for all the worthless sequences out there. Very predictable camera angles for the poor directorial instructions given. Just like the screenplay, the edit pattern is also in a confused manner, giving so much space for the needless love track. Notorious work by the art department, the climax tunnel moment and the political party statue are on a particular level. Nothing can beat Prabhu’s tearful tribute posters and banners where he is smiling by keeping his hands on his chin.



A rural actioner which tries to portray many conflicts but in the process it forgets the purpose of why the story is being told. Characters, screenplay and execution of the scenes are so immature in the level of nothing can save these aspects.

Raavana Kottam - A Film With No Redeeming Qualities!

Rating - 1.5/ 5

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