Andhaghaaram (Netflix)
24/Nov/2020 Mystery, Thriller

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A Slow Burn Thriller That Is Excruciatingly Complex And Keeps You Fascinated!

as much as you are invested with the film, there is never that connect you develop with any of the characters. But this again is possibly intentional as the effort seems to be more to create a world with its own set of rules and logic for you to watch from the sidelines rather than get behind any ch...(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


A long-drawn, yet engaging thriller

At 2 hours 51 minutes, the film is too long. Though the narration keeps you glued, a lacklustre twist makes you question if your patience was worth it. The film claims to be a supernatural thriller, but there's no spook in the story. Psychological elements? Aplenty. But the chill in the story is los...(more)

Source: V Lakshmi, Times Of India


A good attempt

The film has a complex story structure looping from one point to another in no particular format. The film weaves multiple plots into one interlocking narrative.(more)

Source: Manoj K Kumar, Indian Express


An Underwhelming Thriller, But A Top-Notch Show-Reel

Here's the thing with slowness. By itself, this quality is never a problem. When it works, it works. Some films, some stories need to be slow. The problem with Andhaghaaram is that it never convinces us about this need. The film runs nearly three hours. I kept wondering what a two-hour version might...(more)

Source: Baradwaj Rangan,


Long fuse for a middling payoff

It is interesting how Arjun Das can be both angry and vulnerable at the same time. He is believable both when screaming as an enraged demon and as a whimpering little animal in his bathroom. On the other hand, we have the restrained performances of Vinoth Kishan and Kumar Natarajan, who succeed by d...(more)

Source: Kirubakar Prushothaman,


Slow-burn suspense thriller is a test of patience

Andhaghaaram is not short on talent. Arjun Das and Vinoth Kishan both offer commendable performances (especially Das, suffocating us with his performance depicting the mental hardships Vinod is subjected to by an unseen individual). The film's director, too, seems to have no shortage of potential. A...(more)

Source: Pradeep Kumar, The Hindu


Gripping supernatural thriller

Vignarajan is definitely a talent to watch out for, he has believed in his script and extracted the best from his entire team. Arjun Das is in solid form and whenever he appears on screen, he holds our attention with his baritone voice and top class performance. He has flawlessly portrayed the ment...(more)

Source: Sify,


Andhaghaaram is high on thrills, performances and technicalities but could have been even more gripping if the runtime was a bit shorter

While the director needs to be applauded for trying something unique, at the same time, he could have tied the loose ends quicker. At almost three hours, the film could have been trimmed for brevity. We also see that people are mostly black and white in his world and are left searching for the shade...(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board,

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Arun Sundar

Average film having similar concept to Yaavarum Nalam but without any big thrills or chills. BGM is good and performances across the board was good. (more)


Asjad Asjk

Superb thriller movie .Arjun Dass Acting Is very real and so excited (more)