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House Owner
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House Owner is a mature tale of romance with an engrossing finish, well supported by a superbly shot flashback!

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan keeps it true to the genre and provides a hard hitting calamity based romance film in the form of House Owner. A few glitches here and there like the Brahmin slang not perfectly delivered by certain characters or the slow paced sequences in the first half that might be a concer...(more)

Source: Akash, MovieCrow


A moving survival drama

As an audience, you don't get convinced by the Palakkad accent of the male characters. Lakshmy Ramakrishnan herself has dubbed for Sriranjani's character; so that appears authentic. Barring that, the rest appears forced. That's all right. You don't really mind them.(more)

Source: subhakeerthana, Indian Express


Lakshmi Ramakrishnan keeps the indie flag flying with a poignant, riveting drama

The triumph of House Owner is in its honest writing and characters that look and behave realistically. Lakshmi's casting is near perfect, considering the fact that she does not run after stars. Kishore delivers a stunning performance in the title role as the patient who cannot understand why he shou...(more)

Source: Sreedhar Pillai, Firstpost.com


A pleasant, affecting survival drama

House Owner is less about gender issues and more about the characters. It's about Vasudevan's relentless search for Radha. What a beautiful decision to name them Vasu and Radha. In the larger context, could it also be about Lord Krishna's unconditional love for his companion Radha?(more)

Source: Srivatsan , The Hindu


Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and Kishore gift a poignant love story

Filmmaker Lakshmy Ramakrishnan's latest outing House Owner is an endearing story between an Alzheimers-struck husband and his wife. The film set against the backdrop of Chennai floods is sincere in its intention. It is a must watch.(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


Moving story of unconditional love in the time of calamity

The last 20-odd minutes of House Owner is devastating and the end leaves you with a lump in your throat. Lakshmy's intention is not to give her story a sad ending but to remind us that no matter what happens to us, we should stick together. It's the unconditional love for each other that keeps Radha...(more)

Source: Haricharan Pudipeddi, Hindustan Times


A small film with a very big heart. Go for it!

House Owner is certainly the kind of film you would love to watch. It's a sweet, simple story of life in a city, a bittersweet tale of human frailties, a small film with a very big heart. Go for it! (more)

Source: Moviebuzz, Sify.com


The flow of the sequences here is generic and unpredictable, making it difficult for one to judge the genre of the film.

Interestingly, you realise that the surprising element has been built up gradually, but not evidently which helps in making the audience glued to the happenings towards the end of the story. Krishna Sekhar's cinematography and Ghibran's music elevate the mood and required tension in many scenes. (more)

Source: Thinkal Menon, Times Of India

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