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A below average film

Jarugandi is yet another below average film with routine screenplay and plot. Watch it if you have no other option this weekend!(more)

Source: SIFY, Sify.com


Jai delivers an illogical thriller

If Pichumani had concentrated more on incorporating some interesting sequences, Jarugandi could have been more engaging. Director Pichumani's Jarugandi starring Jai and Reba Monica John is a commercial thriller with illogical sequences, says our review.(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


A taxing comedy of errors

The comedy works only in a few places, largely thanks to Paari (Daniel Pope). It's a typical hero's friend role, but Daniel has you grinning with his over-the-top expressions and funny T-shirts. In a largely-aimless film, those are among the minor things that manage to keep you amused.(more)



A better screenplay, with gripping characters and thrilling moments, would have made the movie more interesting.

With a wafer-thin plot, which is developed through a slew of characters, Jarugandi has some engaging moments, but that isn't enough to hold your attention completely. We hardly empathise with the troubles that the characters face. The lead pair, Jai and Reba, play their part well, and so does Daniel...(more)

Source: Thinkal Menon, Times Of India

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