Thaana Serndha Kootam (U/A)
12/Jan/2018 Action, Thriller 2hrs 18mins

Thaana Serndha Kootam

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Thaana Serndha Kootam Review

Whenever TSK is loyal to the story line and scenes, it works well and the movies cruises along fine. The screenplay starts wobbling whenever Vignesh Sivn takes the liberty to add forced back stories in order to justify hero�s actions, commercial songs, fight sequences, robin hood acts catering to Suriya's mass aspirations. All these elements end up being a huge distraction and results in a meandering journey.(more)

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A smart heist film!!!

Vignesh's formula to tease his audience by setting up scenes of possible cliches and then to surprise them with something else has worked big time for the movie. He seems to know the exact feel of the younger generation and what they would expect from a Suriya film.(more)

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Refreshing to see Suriya back in form in this heist caper

TSK is a fun film from Vignesh ShivN, and his smart writing comes across. In fact, at a fake CBI officer's recruitment scene a girl being interviewed by the conmen says she wants to join the agency to stop corruption in the society. When Suriya's impressed by the girl's motive asks her name, she replies, "Sasikala" (currently in jail on corruption charges)! And most of the people who turn up for the interview, when asked for the full form of CBI, respond with: Central Bank of India! TSK is an enjoyable ride for the entire family, and it's refreshing to see Suriya back in form.(more)

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Thaanaa Serndha Koottam works wonderfully well as long as it stays closer to the plot of Special 26, and the changes are superficial - restricted to the backgrounds and motivations of the characters. The raids are staged with a sense of fun, and the scenes are punctuated with Anirudh's peppy songs that make the film lively. They also add emotional heft, like in the song Enge Endru Povadhu, which plays out during a scene between Iniyan and his father, and his friend (Kalaiyarasan), that recalls the use of the song Kannana Kanne in Naanum Rowdydhaan. It also makes a cliched backstory feel fresh. As with this scene, which becomes a way to talk about the NEET controversy and Anitha's suicide, the film creates opportunities to comment on contemporary issues - from GST to urbanisation. The romantic track, between Iniyan and Madhu (Keerthy Suresh), who helps the gang, begins on a charming note, but the character gets sidelined towards the climax.(more)

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Suriya's 35th film is no Special 26

While the film is entertaining with a very few dud moments, the callous handling of the script is glaring throughout. For a film set in the 80s, nothing looks like it is from the era. One has to constantly remind himself that he is, in fact, watching a period flick. Except for the Ambassadors, and few inferior artwork, the film looks like it is taking place in 2018 and not in the 80s. The main reason behind that is Suriya's look and costumes, which sometimes look ultra-modern. (more)

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Suriya-starrer Wastes 'Special 26' Script

A great story and script like 'Special 26' has been marred beyond belief, and Shivan's idea of infusing his film with juvenile wit at every step reduces 'Thaanaa Serndha Koottam' into a meandering mishmash. (more)

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Vignesh Shivn's mass-ified remake of Special 26, starring Suriya, is quite entertaining

That's the era Thaanaa Serndha Koottam is set in, and the nostalgia is irresistible - from the now-extinct Wellington theatre to the presence of Sudhakar and Karthik (in an underwritten role as a "theriyaadha villain") to the giant hoardings that were once a fixture outside Tarapore Towers. But there�s more. The film opens with an interview, where an MA MPhil candidate is applying for a clerk�s post. The Varumayin Niram Sivappu poster outside isn�t just an empty time-period signifier. This scenario (overqualified interviewee, dumb interview) is exactly what that film was about. (more)

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The Suriya and Keerthy Suresh starrer is a fairly entertaining film

Thaanaa Serndha Koottam movie review: Walk in without expectation and let the Suriya and Keerthy Suresh starrer's humour entertain you. As hard as the film tries to be serious, it is tough to take it so (more)

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This Gang Takes Us For A Worthy & Enjoyable Ride!

Vignesh Sivan has smartly adapted the main storyline of Special 26 and placed in a milieu, which is quite familiar to the Tamil film audiences. He has also added some extra elements which ups the entertainment quotient of the movie. Despite, being a story set in 1980s, there are some references to the present day issues and they have been smartly imbibed and one wouldn't feel any disparity. (more)

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