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Maragadha Naanayam
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Production Dilli Babu
Music Director

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Maragatha Nanayam Movie Review

Maragatha Nanayam does take some time to set up its characters and initially, the changes its tone are jarring, but once the plot kicks in, the film starts to entertain, handsomely. Director Saravanan also convinces us that he knows what he is doing and makes us understand that the jumps between gen...

by - Times Of India

Rating (3.5/5)

A ghost caper that's fresh and entertaining

The film has some wonderful comic stretches. While some gags are unnecessarily stretched, you don�t make a fuss because you walk out with a grin on your face. The heist and chase element, however, don�t quite make an impact, almost falling flat. Nevertheless, these shortcomings are not something one...

by - Hindustan Times

Rating (3/5)

The trail of this emerald artefact is engaging and thrilling

The film also has enough surprises and comedy that do justice to its multi-genre tag. The role played by Nikki Galrani is a surprise but it feels like the director did not explore this character to its full potential. Maragatha Naanayam is fun, entertaining, thrilling and will also crack you up. It�s worthy of your money and time.

by - Indian Express

Rating (3/5)


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    Rihaz Ramzaan

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       suberb movie 


    Hriti Ganesh

    Pakka movie family entertainment very good film for this summer and for adhi full and full comedy movie