Pizza 2 The Villa (U/A)
14/Nov/2013 Thriller, Horror 1 Hrs 42 Mins

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Pizza 2 the Villa
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Villa - An interesting stay

Debutant Deepan deserves praise for delivering a product that stays true to it's genre from the beginning. There is no gimmick involved anywhere. Villa is more of a supernatural thriller that does not rely on spooking the daylights of you. There is not a single scary scene in the film.(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


Pizza 2 The Villa - Highbrowed spook

Deepan Chakravarthy is a creative story teller. Presenting an entirely new concept, with the predominance of science elements, Deepan has narrated a brief entertainer. But when it comes to making you jump from your seat, 'Villa' does not live up to the legacy that 'Pizza' has created. (more)

Source: Review Board,


Fairly gripping and technically well done.

Summing it up, Villa comes across as a product that has been neatly done in all the units from narration to screen play to technical departments and engages the audience to a large extent. (more)

Source: ReviewBoard,


Pizza 2: Villa must watch

"Pizza 2: Villa" ends with the room for a sequel in the offing, which let's hope is even better. The film is an underdog that deceives you to eventually finish as a winner. (more)

Source: IANS,


The Villa - Pizza 2 Review

First things first. The Villa isn't a sequel to Pizza but as the second film in the Pizza franchise, it uses certain tropes from the earlier film for a similar yet different plot. You have the haunted house motif, a final twist, some of the cast members (Jayakumar, Veera Santhanam), and technicians...(more)

Source: M. Suganth, Times Of India

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