Billa 2 Press Release Distribution Rights


Billa 2 Press Release Distribution Rights

Billa 2 press release hit the wire today confirming the details of distribution rights sold to Aascar. MovieCrow reported that the total value of distribution rights including TN, Overseas, Satellite, Andhra was around 40 Crores. The production house fully validates our earlier report about Billa2 Distribution numbers. 


Distribution Numbers in perspective,

The total shown below is inclusive of domestic, satellite, overseas, in-flights, and almost every possible revenue source from rights. All Inclusive pre-sales revenue number for a few sample set of movies are as follows, 

  • Enthiran - 100+ Crores
  • Sivaji - 61 Crores
  • 7aum Arivu - 60+ Crores
  • Kuselan - 60 Crores
  • Dasavatharam - 50+ Crores
  • Kandhasamy 35+ Crores
  • Aadhavan - 33 Crores

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