Kaththi review - Movie is sharp as its title

PUBLISHED DATE : 22/Oct/2014

Kaththi review - Movie is sharp as its title

Kaththi review - Movie is sharp as its title

After Thuppakki, Vijay and AR Murugadoss have come together with sky high expectations from fans and critics. Kaththi is about Jeevanandam and Kathiresan, both enacted by Vijay in a dual role. The movie is a case of mistaken identity embroils an escaped convict in a fight against a large corporation intent on seizing a village's land.



Kaththi is the perfect follow-up to Thuppakki. Vijay has surpassed himself in Kaththi with the right amount of action, comedy, and emotions. Vijay has shown minimal differences between the two characters with minor mannerisms in eye movements for Jeevanandam.  Vijay breezes through in his dance movements. Vijay will earn big applause for his dialogue delivery in the scene where he does a press meet. Vijay will steal the audience hearts in the final scenes akin to Thuppakki's climax. Vijay looks as young as ever and displays interesting mannerism and his body language is top-notch. Vijay excels in the scenes where he visualizes a blueprint with fantastic BGM support and flipping of coins to take on loads of goons. Vijay's interval punch line will make the fans go completely berserk.

AR Murugadoss

Murugadoss' sincerity and originality throughout the movie should be applauded. The director takes up the plight of farmer's' struggle in increasingly globalized world. Instead of using this concept as a backdrop, Murugadoss has taken the time to portray the struggle and loading with statistical points without losing the audience. He even makes a cameo to exhibit his angst in one of the scenes.  Murugadoss walks the fine balance by keeping the masala elements in check without depriving the Vijay fans of mass elements. Kaththi's careful detailing in every scene is evident. AR Murugadoss' screenplay is sprinkled with intelligent ideas throughout. 

On the downside, Murugadoss has gone a bit overboard in showing all big corporate leaders as villains and city dwellers as people with no compassion. Such cinematic liberties to make the villains as formidable while elevating the hero is not uncommon in movie industries. 


Samantha doesn't have a huge role in terms of number of dialogues. But, she is in most of the frames and helps the hero in helping his cause. It is finally a good break for Samantha after "Naan Ee". Neil Nitin Mukesh has done a great job in critical scenes and throwing some challenges to the protagonist. Sathish's comedy timing has worked out well and looks convincing when delivering comic one-liners as well as providing support on serious scenes. Every one of the old people shown in the movie is carefully selected to look the part. Their helplessness in eyes will make you feel sorry for them.


Anirudh - Music 

After missing the target on the songs department, Anirudh has comeback strongly with electrifying re-recording to help spike up Vijay's heroism. The way Anirudh uses the main theme music with interesting variations is pure genius and will earn claps for Vijay in the theatre. Selfie Pulla immediately after interval is a riot. The "Paalam" songs should be completely removed and serves as a speed-breaker in the second half. Other songs provide the right relief points during the proceeding. 


Technical Departments

George C. Williams' camerawork blends in well with the story. He has worked in tandem with costume designers and art directors to ensure there is a sense of harmony in colours. The art direction is good and makes you sit up with minimalist approach as seen in the song "Aathi" with fallen pillars and statues. Sreekar Prasad's scissors help immensely in keeping the "Kaththi" sharp. Action sequences involve beating up many dozens of people by Vijay. One should appreciate the director and stunt choreographers for showing such incredulous scenes in a believable manner. 


Final Word

The movie deserves a lot of credit for taking a social cause and delivering it sincerely with just the right amount of commercial elements. This is a movie Vijay, AR Murugadoss and entire Kaththi team should be proud of...Go, Watch Kaththi!

Rating - 3.75/5

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