Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah Review - A Novel Marriage

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Jul/2014

Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah Review - A Novel Marriage

Thirumanam Enum Nikkah Review - A Novel Marriage

Bharath Vijayakumar

Thirumanam Enum Nikkah (TEN) has been due for release for quite sometime now. An Aascar film production always does generate some buzz. What does TEN have in store for us?



The central idea of TEN is actually quite unique and interesting. If you are anticipating a love story between a Hindu and a Muslim you will be pleasantly surprised as the movie progresses. Set against the backdrop of the differences in culture between two religions TEN narrates a rather peculiar romantic story.



With TEN Jai continues to impress and proves that he can carry  a movie well on his capable shoulders. With no drastic changes in each of his movies Jai continues to show gradual improvement. Nazriya is a breeze as the bubbly girl next door who never goes overboard trying to heighten up the cuteness factor. The lead pair has done a neat job that gets us engaged with the film. While the remaining cast is adequate it must be said that some of the performances are truly of the teleserial type.




Ghibran deserves special mention as he has come up with some soul stirring tunes. The 'Kannukkal Pothi Veippen' and 'Enthaaraa Enthaaraa' songs stand out. Nazriya's expressions in the former further enhances it's appeal.



The starting credits with the alphabets in Tamil appearing in Urdu stylized fonts is a nice idea. Apart from this, the initial few minutes fail to make  any sort of connection with us. The dialogues seem rushed and something seems wrong with the entire ambience. You suddenly have a song when a train halts where the entire set up looks like a shooting spot. Things then brighten up once Jai and Nazriya start interacting with each other and from here on the maker has a certain grip over the proceedings on screen as well as on the attention of the audience.  Without any (excusing a few) over the top and on your face lecturing debutant Aneesh has tried to drive home some neat messages against certain preconceived biases. The IT office ambience in the film is much closer to reality than shown in most others. The parents of Jai and Nazriya accepting anything that their kids say which includes announcing and calling off marriages without battling an eyelid is too hard to digest. Though not as tiresome as the starting few minutes, the climax of TEN again flounders a bit and includes a small action sequence out of nowhere. The central theme of the film is narrated convincingly thanks to the lead pair. But their change of mind again in the end with apparently no proper justification or emotional reasoning brings down TEN by a few notches.



A novel marriage with a nice idea. More care at the start and end would have made our visit to this Nikkah all the more worthwhile. Still the neat romance between the bride and bridegroom, crisp running time and a proper romantic film in a while are reasons enough to catch a glimpse of TEN.


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