7 Easy Steps to Creating Box Office Numbers


7 Easy Steps to Creating Box Office Numbers

Update: A few clarifications because there is lots of misunderstanding about this article.


1. This report is not to blame the Sun Pictures, Unofficial twitter account owner, Ajith, Ajith Fans or Mankatha team. More Importantly, the goal is not to take any credit away from the massive success of Mankatha. The issue is not whether Rs.130 Crores is too high or too low. The important point we wanted to highlight is the flawed process in which history and facts are shaped in this democratized world of News reporting. 


2. In our opinion, the process clearly broke from moving from step 3 to step 4 above. The leading media which should have validated the news with the right sources before publishing failed to do their job. 


3. Some of our readers questioned the Sun Pictures Twiter account holder for validity of this information. Here is the clarification from their end which admits a few things.


Sun Pictures Unofficial Twitter Account Response : "I've clearly stated in bio, this is unofficial account. But, the informations I tweet isn't fake or unreal as you ppl claim. I've no job to make you ppl fool here, First of all get that into your mind. "


Thanks everybody for your support as we continue to ruffle a few more feathers in 2012.

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