Good Reviews for Vishal's Indrudu Telugu

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Jun/2014

Good Reviews for Vishal's Indrudu Telugu

Vishal's Indrudu garners good reviews in Telugu

Vishal's Naan Sigappu Manithan released in Telugu last weekend. The movie is getting good reviews from media and common public. In Tamil, the movie received mixed reviews for over-the-top hard hitting scenes in the second half that many found it difficult to digest. Director Thiru has taken a lot of feedback to heart and has edited out the scenes which received sharp criticism in Tamil.


To everyone's surprise, the Telugu audience are now appreciating the re-edited version of the movie for its different narration, concept of narcolepsy and bold story line. It is not common for a movie to make a complete turnaround when dubbed and re-released in another language. Indrudu has just accomplished just that. If the positive word of mouth continues, Vishal may have his biggest Hit in Telugu.


Indrudu is produced jointly by UTV motion pictures and Vishal Film Factory. Lakshmi Menon played the leading lady in the movie. 

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