Thegidi Review - Keeps you Guessing

PUBLISHED DATE : 01/Mar/2014

Thegidi Review - Keeps you Guessing

Thegidi Review - Keeps you Guessing !!!

Bharath Vijayakumar

A debutant director who has made an impression as a short filmmaker and C.V.Kumar’s Thirukumaran Entertainment seems to be a deadly combo. Walking out of P.Ramesh’s Thegidi, the latest product of one such collaboration, it only reinforces the faith in the former statement.


You got to watch it on screen and it would be a disservice to play spoilsport by revealing anything crucial. It is about a criminologist whose work in a detective agency is accompanied by mysterious happenings. There is definitely more than what meets the eye and how our protagonist gets to the crux of this intricate maze is the essence of Thegidi.



The refreshing aspect about Thegidi is despite being a thriller there is no unwarranted exaggeration in anyone’s mannerisms. Everyone seems natural and the usual template where you have many clues thrown explicitly at us to mislead us to suspect someone is gleefully omitted. Ashok Selvan convincingly carries on his shoulders the role of a young man who is passionate about is work. The girl next door tag so easily fits on Janani and she is at ease. Every character in the film is clearly defined and the artist’s selection and their performance are to the point.



The Thegidi team seems a well-oiled machine where each part has synchronized beautifully to aid the motion. Debutant composer Nivas Prasanna is definitely an exciting find. The BGM eases us into the mood of the ambience so early in the film. The ‘Yaar Ezhudhiyadho’ number is a refreshing melody. Leo John Paul’s editing is concise and you hardly recollect a meaningless scene in the film! The crisp runtime of 2 hours and a minute is the icing on the cake. Dinesh Krishnan’s cinematography is subtle and extremely effective without craving for attention. 


The leader of the pack, debutant director P.Ramesh’s work is that of an extremely confident individual who knows exactly what he is up to. The climax which is a sort of open ended does look a bit compelled. But it successfully keeps the audience guessing and discussing the characters well after the curtains have come down. The line between a thriller and a horror flick is often blurred in movies and you have attempts to try and spook the audience in a thriller. Thegidi resorts to no such antics. All you have is a very believable premise concealed in the maze. The romantic portions too are handled with the least of fuss. Apart from the mandatory ‘I love you’ at a most inappropriate situation there is absolutely no melodrama which is like whiff of fresh air.



Thegidi is new age Tamil cinema that relies solely on the content. Definitely book the tickets for your seats immediately, even though you would be utilizing only the edge of it for the most part!!!



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