Aaha Kalyanam Review - A Colourful Wedding

PUBLISHED DATE : 22/Feb/2014

Aaha Kalyanam Review -  A Colourful Wedding

Aaha Kalyaanam - A Colourful Wedding!!! 

Bharath Vijayakumar

Yash Raj Films, the well known production house from Bollywood enters Tamil cinema through this faithful remake of their own Band Baaja Baaraat. Remakes are sometimes dicey as potential comparisons with the original always loom large.



Two diametrically opposite personalities Sakthi(Naani) and Shruthi (Vaani Kappor) launch a joint business concern that specializes in planning weddings. They complement each other extremely well and their business is on the boom. Despite the unsigned bond of not mixing finance and romance as suggested by Shruthi, in a moment of weakness the pair gets physically intimate. At this point there is almost a swap in the way Sakthi and Shruthi look at things. Sakthi fears that love and marriage could stand in the way of their progress in business and it is best that both of them forget their impatient act. Ego clashes arise and things are not the same anymore which ultimately breaks their bond and the booming business as well. Whether they reunite in business and life is what Aaha Kalyanam is about.


The lead pair is the soul of the film. Naani is earnest and full of life. His alien Tamil accent is a major sore at the start of the film. The makers have peen prudent enough to include a dialogue that mocks his accent. But once you get used to this you start enjoying his antics. Vaani Kapoor as the tall damsel is a livewire. This is an impressive debut in Tamil for her. She scores in the scene where she is crestfallen at Naani's attitude change but puts up a straight face in front of him only to break down later. The rest of the cast with the exception of Badava Gopi and Sriram is the Achilles' heel of Aaha Kalyanam. The artists chosen for these roles and their performances greatly tamper with the nativity feel of the film.


Dharan's songs are a bit high on the decibel levels. There is an unmistakable North Indian feel to some of the songs. 


Debutant Gokul Krishna has done a fair job in this remake. The film at no point gives you a restless moment. A more meticulous effort in getting the appropriate supporting cast would have paid rich dividends. 

A spirited performance from the lead pair and the colourful frames from the start to the end make Aaha Kalyanam a breezy outing that will definitely not hurt as a one time watch.



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