Puli Vaal Review - Where is the tiger?

PUBLISHED DATE : 08/Feb/2014

Puli Vaal Review - Where is the tiger?

Puli Vaal  - Where is the tiger?
Bharath Vijayakumar

A title that denotes someone inadvertently caught in danger, a reasonably well known cast and  being a remake it means that the original did create some sort of an impact - these are reasons enough to make someone interested in Puli Vaal. 



Prasanna plays a Casanova who is on the verge of getting married to Iniya. That does not deter him from getting intimate with Oviya. He also films this act in his mobile. At one point this mobile falls in Vimal's hands. A cat and mouse game ensues with Vimal exploiting Prasanna's helplessness to take on people who have insulted him one way or the other. Does Prasanna manage to get hold of his phone before things get out of hand is the remaining narration of Puli Vaal.



Prasanna and Vimal are good in their respective parts. The rest of the cast is just about adequate. Ananya, Oviya and Iniya have characters that are pivotal to the plot. Soori's job is to mouth SMS jokes whenever he appears on screen. While this is justified through his characterisation it is still no excuse to pack in so many such silly one liners that it gets to your nerve after a point. Thambi Ramaiyyah is his self with his trademark hyperactive mannerisms.




Opportunity lost:
The central idea of the film is solid and also of much relevance today. A minor blip and technology is such that your intimate life is out there in the open to the voyeuristic side of the world. What could have been a thriller turns out be a film that oscillates between the main plot and comedy scenes. Problem here is that neither the comedy is exactly hilarious nor the main plot is treated with the seriousness it deserves. Vimal is shown as a gullible personality. His act of retaining Prasanna's mobile with him lacks any solid reasoning at the beginning. At least later he begins to use this as an opportunity for his personal motives. But for a long period before that, he irritates not only Prasanna but also the audience with his reluctance to part with the mobile. The pace does pick up towards the climax. But the ending is contrived where the entire blame is passed on to someone else and both our heroes are made to look like people with credible traits. Though the intention might not be such , the climax gives the impression that cheating a woman within the confines of a bedroom is a forgivable act but perversely exposing this to the world is not.



A gripping plot narrated flimsily.Only the tail is shown and no signs of the tiger!!!





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