Rummy Review - A Predictable Game

PUBLISHED DATE : 01/Feb/2014

Rummy Review - A Predictable Game

Rummy Review - A Predictable Game

Bharath Vijayakumar


Expectations that you are not going to watch any run of the mill stuff is what keeps lingering in your mind when you enter a film that has Vijay Sethupathy in it's star cast. Has Rummy under the helm of debutant filmmaker Balakrishnan fulfilled this hope of ours?



Set in 1987 Rummy is all about the struggle of love amidst powerful people who gun for blood at the mere hearsay of this universal feeling. When cupid strikes the very members of the house of such people you expect nothing but people running wild with fury. Will love overcome these odds or fall prey to the mindless rage is what Rummy is about.




Vijay Sethupathy actually plays second fiddle to Inigo Prabhakaran who occupies most of the screenspace in Rummy. It is tough to think of actors who might opt for the character played by Vijay Sethupathy after having gained enough momentum as a saleable star in the industry. As always Vijay Sethupathy does a neat job with his subtle performance. But this is not a role or performance that might make you sit up and notice him. Inigo Prabhakaran is adequate as the caring friend. However you feel that the helplessness with which he fumes in the climax could have been more convincing. Both Gayathri and Aishwarya have done their parts well and look convincing as the village belles.Soori's attempt at comedy is a mixed bag with some of his antics clicking.




Imman's BGM is a major plus for the film and holds it together. The songs too are captivating. Premkumar's cinematography is another asset. The team has done well to bring about the late 80s ambience at the start of the film. But later there is not much in the film which keeps reinforcing this belief in us. Of course there is this reference to Silk Smitha and then a scene involving Oliyum Oliyum. But all these come up as superficial.



Where Rummy loses out?
Rummy falters big time in holding the attention of the viewer. Except for a brief while towards the climax there is no undercurrent tension in the audience which should have ideally been there for this film to make the much desired impact. Aishwaya's father in the film who also happens to be Gayathri's uncle is shown as someone who would maim or even kill youngsters should they fall in love. But neither Aishwarya nor Gayathri seem to be least bothered about this during the first half of the film. That they are so oblivious to this tension in the village and that they so easily fall in love dilutes the impact of the film multifold. Predictability is the other villain of Rummy. When predictability sets in the only possibility of redemption is to have enough entertainment quotient, something that Rummy fails to provide. 


Setting the story in a period two decades back is fine. But the narration style itself seems a bit outdated.Rummy is not a bad film. But it is a film that leaves you disinterested.


Rating : 2.25/5 


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