Jilla Box Office vs Veeram Box Office in India

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Jan/2014

Jilla Box Office vs Veeram Box Office in India

Jilla and Veeram Box Office Domestic Collections 

10 days after release, Exhibitors/theatre owners are excited by the number of footfalls during the Pongal. Producers are also reported to have made up to Rs. 8-10 Crores on their respective movies. The group that seem to be unhappy about the outcome of Jilla and Veeram are the TN distributors. The All India Numbers are as follows representing collections for first 10 days.


Movie                      All India Gross Revenue All India Net Revenue Distributor Share
Jilla Rs. 48 Cr. Rs. 37.05 Cr. Rs. 22.23 Cr.
Veeram Rs. 44 Cr.       Rs. 34.15 Cr. Rs. 20.5 Cr.


In Tamil Nadu, Veeram managed to collect slightly more than Jilla. Veeram collected Rs.34.25 net gross while Jilla was able to collect marginally lower with Rs 32.5 Crores after 10 days, as per the trusted sources.


Entertainment Tax Waiver Rejections

After getting "U" certification, both movies were hoping to get a tax break from the TN Government. Due to inconsistent application of rules and policies, it is unfortunate both the big movies were denied Entertainment Tax Waiver. This has resulted in a reduction of around 30% of collections that could have gone to distributors pockets' and which is now being diverted to state exchequers. 


The distributor network sources claim that Jilla will lose around 20% to the distributors while Veeram may be losing around 15%. 

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