Viduthalai Part 1 Review - Fitting addition to Vetri Maraan's lineage

PUBLISHED DATE : 01/Apr/2023

Viduthalai Part 1 Review - Fitting addition to Vetri Maraan's lineage

Viduthalai Part 1 Review - Fitting addition to Vetri Maraan's lineage

Meera Chithirapavai

Vetri Maran’s Viduthalai is a seasoned socio-political tale starring Soori in the lead. The film has been produced by Elred Kumar for RS Infotainment.


Does Vetri’s streak of saying the most rustic yet heartwarming stories continue with Viduthalai? A more detailed answer to this question follows:



Soori as Kumaresan is everything you have never seen the comedian or “parotta” Soori do. He is innocent but strong-willed. Adorably vulnerable and empathetic for a young cop. Overall, a character that will be remembered as a special one in the history of Tamil cinema. It is promising to see filmmakers re-discover templatized actors and offer them an opportunity to exhibit their true potential as a performer. This particular casting idea is a big win for Viduthalai.



Vijay Sethupathi shines as a powerful cameo. By this time it is safe to say that he is an actor who isn’t dependent on screen time or the masala in the dialogues or any such extra accessories. If you’ve got a convincing character on paper, VJS becomes the unstoppable force.


Other key roles played by Chethan, Gautham Menon, and Bhavani Sre do what the story demands of them in an extremely appealing way. Especially, GVM very quickly manages to make us forget his real-life persona and brings a fitted display of a driven cop named Sunil Menon.


Shifting the focus to the man of the hour - Vetri Maran and his unique story. Vetri yet again proves to be an economical or rather focused man as he doesn’t waste even a second at the start to dive into the story. The intro sequence truly takes your breath away as he redefines the audience's favorite “bramaandam” (Grandeur) through a single-shot train accident sequence.


The layering of details without dismissing a viewer’s intelligence is a knack Vetri follows using voiceovers. There’s a lot to offer and consume but it doesn’t get overwhelming or unpalatable. The screen that separates the viewer from the characters and story almost disappears eventually as you get firmly sucked into the tale. One needn’t be surprised if they forget that they are watching a film and are not part of it.


Velraj helps the film stay true to its intentions. The visuals play a significant role in establishing the canvas of the film. Ilaiyaraaja's two melodious numbers sound nice but are a deviation. However, these song sequences help in anchoring the intentions of Soori’s role and his subsequent decisions.



The film ends at the peak of a scenario and that’s the best segue one could get into part 2 of the film. A viewer is sure to come back wanting to know more and that’s such a star move.

The film through its title suggests that there will be a sequel. The decision seems to be a strategic one as Vetri has so much to say but there’s always so little time. The glimpse we get into Part 2 of the film seemed promising. An important chunk of the overall story he sets to narrate awaits unveil as part 2.


Viduthalai Part 1 - A story that ensues to keep you trapped from the get-go. There’s no way you’d (want) escape.


PS - If it wasn't clear enough, the answer to the question posed at the start is an astounding YES.


Rating: 4/5

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