Viduthalai Part 1 Preview: 5 Reasons to Watch Vetrimaaran's film with Soori, Vijay Sethupathi

PUBLISHED DATE : 30/Mar/2023

Viduthalai Part 1 Preview: 5 Reasons to Watch Vetrimaaran's film with Soori, Vijay Sethupathi

Viduthalai: Part 1, the Tamil movie is based on B. Jeyamohan's short story Thunaivan and has screenplay by the writer, and director Vetrimaaran. The movie marks comedy actor Soori's debut as a lead, and that too in a full serious role. Viduthalai: Part 1 is also the first full length feature from Vetrimaaran in the last 3 and a half years, and here are five quick reasons to catch the film on the big screens: 


  • Story: Viduthalai: Part 1 as mentioned is a film adaptation of Thunaivan, which inturn is based on the real life 1992 Vachathi case* - a grim episode of state-sponsored violence on a tribal-dominated area in Tamil Nadu. The story is a fictionalized version of real life police atrocities, the victims of which got justice only in 2011. In a way, the movie is a tribute to the poor and powerless.


"In my short story Thunaivan, I touched only the visible pinnacle of the mountain that was sinking in an ocean. Vetrimaaran re-discovered the complete mountain inside the ocean and this is how brilliant filmmakers work while adapting a short story for a feature film." - B. Jeyamohan on Viduthalai Part 1


  • Director: Vetrimaaran's name is often prefixed with his five national awards, and his catalogue of movies stand testament to how it isn't without reason. The director's movies also stand proof of how Vetrimaaran is the only filmmaker trusted to handle a sensitive subject like that of Viduthalai: Part 1's.


  • Lead Actor: The last time a comedy actor went from doing comedic roles to direct serious lead role was late veteran actor Nagesh. Would be interesting to see how the ace filmmaker has tapped into actor Soori's potential as a lead. 


  • Vijay Sethupathi: Vijay Sethupathi is one actor from Tamil cinema who easily charms with his screen presence, whether the audience is his usual demographic or not. His presence is Viduthalai: Part 1, that too in a crucial role definitely tickles one's curious bones. 


  • Ilaiyaraaja: Vetrimaaran films usually have music by GV Prakash and very rarely has he worked with another music composer, let alone a music veteran. The new Vetrimaaran-Ilaiyaraaja combo definitely comes across as unique. 


Viduthalai Part 1 releases in theaters on March 31, 2023. FDFS, plot, censor, runtime, OTT and all you need to know about the movie here.


* - On June 20, 1992, 269 police, forest and revenue officials raided the tribal hamlet in Dharmapuri district brutally assaulting men and gangraping 18 women. The brutality which also involved destruction of property and cattle life, went on for 2 days in the name of gathering information about notorious sandalwood smuggler Veerappan. On 29 September 2011, a special court convicted all 269 accused officials under the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities act, including 17 officials for rape.54 of the original accused had died by the time of the convictions; the remaining 215 were sentenced to jail.

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