Kabzaa Review- Tasteless Masala Flick!

PUBLISHED DATE : 17/Mar/2023

Kabzaa Review- Tasteless Masala Flick!

Kabzaa Review - Tasteless Masala Flick

Ashwin Ram

Kabzaa is a gangster action flick on the lines of K.G.F. The film stars Upendra and Shriya Saran in the lead roles, Kichha Sudeep and Shiva Rajkumar have done cameo appearances.


PremiseA throne like town for which two gangs are fighting for years to rule. In this crimson situation, Upendra’s innocent brother gets killed. He enters the underworld and the rest is history.


Writing/ DirectionIt is a wannabe K.G.F from start to finish but doesn’t act accordingly. Kichha Sudeep is the narrator, but it doesn’t excite anywhere in the storytelling process. The cameos are so forceful just for publicity, Shiva Rajkumar appears at the very end, utters a lame punch dialogue and decides to take things forward in the second part, the lead to the sequel feels like the director couldn’t figure out a closure and so he kept things this way. The storyline is simple yet satisfying, follows the tried and tested gangster route but the commercial potential is vast. Unfortunately, the screenplay is terrible here, once Upendra reaches his brave spot all we see is him killing half a dozen villains back to back without any purpose. Just a one-sided game with absolutely no challenges by any of the antagonists, single-dimensional characters show up with angry faces and get killed by the hero. The romance portions are boring and a path away from the main track despite having scope to merge both. The childhood sequences and emotional bonding are bummers with nothing efficient in terms of writing. The biggest issue in the screenplay is it tries to focus on too many things with no solid substance, new characters are introduced in every scene and nothing gets registered in the hurried pace.


Performances: Upendra is stone-faced in terms of performance, his screen presence is also unimpressive as he could not uplift the heroism. Shriya Saran puts on a good show, still a beauty queen in every frame she appears,her characterization could have had more weightage rather than just a typical commercial heroine. Both Kichha Sudeep and Shivarajkumar cameos are utter waste and disappointing. Amidst the uncountable number of villains, Murali Sharma gets a decent role to play, especially when he turns his back over his daughter towards the climax. There are too many supporting artists with poor character sketches and none of them stay in memory at least till the film gets over.


TechnicalitiesTechnically an underwhelming flick. Even Ravi Basrur who did a king size contribution for the K.G.F movies failed to pull off anything special here, indeed content matters. Songs are also not worthy, item number and hero elevation tracks are choreographed so badly. Visually a mixed bag, some shots are pretty neat but some mass buildups are weakly composed. Setwork is quite captivating but VFX is used mostly and such a dull work throughout. Messy editing which makes the film feel like all-over-the-place, scene orders are so random and at least in edit a couple of needless villain characters could have been chopped off.



Miserably fails in trying to be K.G.F. Rushed narrative is a technique, but nothing can be saved if the content is soulless. Lacks nativity and there are way too many characters with an empty objective.


Rating - 2/ 5

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