Bommai Nayagi Press Meet Highlights

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Jan/2023

Bommai Nayagi Press Meet Highlights

Bommai Nayagi produced by Pa. Ranjith's Neelam Productions is an upcoming Yogi Babu starrer that is all set to hit theater screens on February 3, 2023. A social drama written and directed by Shan, Bommai Nayagi has Sundaramurthy K S for music and also stars Subathra and Srimathi in important roles. Highlights from this film's audio launch event that took place in Chennai today:

  • Costume designer Ekambaram of Sarpatta fame has designed costumes in Bommai Nayagi as well. Talking about the movie Ekambaram said, "Bommai Nayagi takes the story of common people and highlights their pain. Neelam Productions has produced it in a manner that all social issues are brought in front of the audience. My work in the movie therefore was to bring out the authenticity of the people living in this story."
  • Sound designer Anthony BJ Ruban who has worked on the 2023 Oscar-nominated RRR (for Naatu Naatu song) and The Elephant Whisperers, has also worked on Bommai Nayagi. He said,


"Yogi Babu has portrayed his character of a son, of a father with such authenticity. I enjoyed his performance very much..Shan hasn't made Bommai Nayagi just as a directorial project but also as a sound-(based) project. He had kept many soundscape elements in the script and gave me a lot of suggestions and ideas on how the Cuddalore sounds should be..Editor Selva's cuts have always been sound-conscious, so I'm thankful for that...My most favourite part of Bommai Nayagi is how sound and Sundaramurthy KS's music is talking to one another. " 


  • "The re-recording of Bommai Nayagi has turned out be magical", said film's composer Sundaramurthy K S
  • Editor Selva RK has this to say about Bommai Nayagi, "Surprisingly the script of (Bommai Nayagi) was sensitive and sensible, whereas I was expecting it to be commerical."
  • Film’s lead actor Yogi Babu said that he is happy to play the dad’s role and also understands it’s pain, as he welcomed his daughter a few months back. 
  • Bommai Nayagi producer Pa.Ranjith sharing his thoughts said that he was very keen about what he really needs from director Shaan, as the film is produced by his Neelam Productions. He mentioned that he was very clear that the film should not be just commercial but it should have something for the society. He also said that many of them told that the story has a lot of complicated knots, and asked him to think before taking up the project but director Shan has really done a great job and he really loved the output.
  • Pa. Ranjith also mentioned that OTT platforms played a big role in the release of small budget movies in the past years, but now they really find it hard to induce them along with the movies of big stars. So, the small production companies find it hard to sell their movies to the OTT platforms as there is no transparency. 

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