Parole Review - Solid Flick, A Complete Surprise!

PUBLISHED DATE : 15/Nov/2022

Parole Review -  Solid Flick, A Complete Surprise!

Parole is an action drama directed by debutant Dwarakh Raja. It’s an ‘A’ rated raw flick starring the young guns RS Karthik and Linga in lead roles.



Linga and RS Karthik are brothers. Their mom dies when the elder one is in jail, the younger one is hesitant to take his brother in Parole for him to conduct the funeral rituals. What is the conflict between them and the ongoing drama unravels eventually.


Writing/ Direction

The basic structure of the film is very simple, yet relatable as it deals with the issues between siblings. What makes the watch interesting is its clever writing, major plot points are dropped like bombs. Non-linear narration is the backbone of the film, executed neatly too without confusing. Carries an impactful drama mainly because of the impactful improvisations done for certain important situations, places that could have landed flat are presented powerfully by adding a layer of spark to it. Screenplay doesn’t bore us anywhere, a few parts might tend to be repetitive or it might even give a feel that the same sequences appear in a circle, that’s when perspective comes to play and make the flow engaging. Some angles had the potential but ended up being underwhelming, especially the mother’s sentiment over her first son might have stressed more and conveyed to build more tension. Such a momentous flick… a bold take on a couple of sensitive topics, clap worthy court proceedings, even the most gory mode of murder is justified by a hard-hitting emotional reasoning. Words at many spots were hard to hear, so I had quite a tough time grasping the story to its fullest.



The leads were tailor-made for their roles, their faces resemble and what more can we ask for when they are playing as siblings. Strong performances too, they both are capable of pulling off all sorts of emotional reactions. Too much crowd in some portions which could have been avoided as it became a bit confusing to recognise some faces as most of them are new to the big screen. Other than that, everyone played their part well.



The crew leaves no stone unturned, even technically it’s a fairly decent film. No songs, intense background score lit up the mood of the furious scenes. Colour correction could have been better, otherwise pretty good camera work by covering shots from a lot of angles. Editing is used as an important tool for the zic-zac storytelling, smart shot insertions at places which boost the core purpose. Downside, extremely poor sound mixing as music overpowered dialogues at an uncountable number of places, I had a hard time trying to grasp the words uttered.



Though it could have been made as a more simpler and crisper flick, a tight narrative that focuses on the story with a striking screenplay puts on a worthy show. Raw, dark and quirky, yet manages to excite with many mighty moments.


Parole - Solid Flick, A Complete Surprise! 

Rating: 3/ 5

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