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Solid Flick, A Complete Surprise!

Though it could have been made as a more simpler and crisper flick, a tight narrative that focuses on the story with a striking screenplay puts on a worthy show. Raw, dark and quirky, yet manages to excite with many mighty moments.(more)

Source: Moviecrow, MovieCrow


Unconventional narration and layered plot make Parole an interesting watch

Rajkumar Amal's background score and Magesh Thirunavukarasu's cinematography really help in elevating certain emotions. Parole is not a great film, but definitely a very good attempt that deserves an applause for its power-packed writing.(more)

Source: Logesh Balachandran, Times Of India


Parole is a raw and gritty film filled with power-packed performances.

The excessive violence might be a turn-off for the audience. Parole isn't a film meant for everyone either. It is a daring in your face experience which doesn't hold back. But it is a small film made with utmost sincerity and dedication and such films deserve our backing.(more)

Source: Behindwoods, Behindwoods.com


An engrossing tale of sibling rivalry

Parole suffers heavily from a hasty ending. The redemption angle towards the end is rushed and unconvincing. It would have worked better with a bit more clarity in writing. There are still some memorable moments like Karikalan's explanation of why he wants to escape jail. The reason is simple � for ...(more)

Source: Vignesh, CinemaExpress.com

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Vaa Maa Thendral” Rajkumar Amal. G. V. Prakash Kumar
2 “Mera Madha Margaya” Rajkumar Amal Asal Kolaar, Rajkumar Amal Listen
3 “Neurobass Ninam” Rajkumar Amal OfRo Listen
4 “Anbe Gadhi” Rajkumar Amal Jonita Gandhi
5 “Agandhaiye” Rajkumar Amal Santhosh Jayakaran
6 “Po Maa Thendral” Rajmkumar Amal Santhosh Jayakaran