Music This Week: Santhosh Narayanan dominates with Kanda Vara Sollunga!

PUBLISHED DATE : 23/Feb/2021

Music This Week: Santhosh Narayanan dominates with Kanda Vara Sollunga!

It has been a week of releases from big musical names in the Tamil film industry. Here's a quick look at them and why Santhosh Narayanan's Kanda Vara Sollunga from Karnan is soaring high this week.


1. Rendu Kaadhal (Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kaadhal) - Anirudh: This balladic number released as a Valentine's day special, has caught up considerably. Vignesh Shivan's heart-tugging lyrics is accompanied by dramatic vocals from Anirudh, Shaktisree Gopalan and Aishwarya Suresh Bindra and the violins make it all the more beautiful.


2. Vera Level Sago (Ayalaan) - A.R. Rahman: Like most of Rahman's tracks in recent years, it is tough hum or identify Vera Level Sago with its unique tune. Except for the 'na na na' part which people have taken to like, the song has fallen flat to its expectations. Vivek's lyrics are good as usual.



3. Kanda Vara Sollunga (Karnan) - Santhosh Narayanan: Perhaps what the Tamil music listeners needed was to be hit with something entirely fresh and Santhosh Narayanan did just that with Kanda Vara Sollunga. Sampling a beat from a devotional track, the composer gave us a hypnotizing number which went viral in no time.

Mari Selvaraj's lyrics and Mariyammal's vocals were additional revelations that had listeners on a mesmerized-'Kanda Vara Sollunga' loop. 


4. Per Vechalum (Dikkiloona), Top Tucker - Yuvan Shankar Raja: Yuvan remixed Ilayaraja's evergreen 'Per Vechalum' song for Dikkiloona but the composer retained most of the original elements of the number.



Yuvan also composed a Hindi-Tamil fusion track for YRF called Top Tucker, which was a fun dance number with lyrics by Vignesh Shivan. 

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