Pisasu 2: Andreah Jeremiah pulls a Taylor Swift for Mysskin's film!

PUBLISHED DATE : 22/Dec/2020

Pisasu 2: Andreah Jeremiah pulls a Taylor Swift for Mysskin's film!

Remember when Taylor Swift channeled the spirit of 1940s' opera singer and TV star Marjorie Finlay by replicating her vintage looks for one of her music videos. Turned out Finlay was not only Taylor's grandmother but the pop-star had inadvertently placed an Easter egg years prior on her Instagram page by sharing a portrait of her mother's mom from her younger days.



Recently Andreah Jeremiah's stunning vintage look from her upcoming movie Pisasu 2 was unveiled and the actress may have pulled a Taylor Swift. Apparently, the Pisasu 2 poster was inspired by a portrait of the actress' late grandmother, which was shared on her Instagram page a few years ago and Andreah had captioned the image, "Love this pic of my grandma.."



Confirming the connection Andreah revealed of the story behind the look-inspiration,

"There’s a story behind #pisasu2 first look...On the left is a picture of my maternal grandmother, taken when she was a young girl. Her name was Heather and with her dark blonde hair & greyish blue eyes, she never looked like she belonged here.

When director Mysskin first narrated the story to me, I immediately drew parallels between the character & my own family lineage. I dug out these old photographs and sent them to him. He called me immediately to say that this picture was so hauntingly beautiful and he wanted to recreate it for the first look of my character in his film. And so that’s what we did.

I was & still am so nervous about this film, but somehow, when I saw the final picture, I felt calm, because I knew I had found HER. Thank you to the team for recreating this look so beautifully!"


A sequel to Mysskin's 2014's hit horror movie Pisasu, Pisasu 2 is produced by T Muruganantham and also stars Rajkumar Pitchumani.  

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