Rajinikanth sends audio message for a hospitalized fan!

PUBLISHED DATE : 17/Sep/2020

Rajinikanth sends audio message for a hospitalized fan!

A hard-core fan of actor-politician Rajinikanth recently received a surprise from Rajini himself after he had updated that he was undergoing serious treatment at the hospital for both Coronavirus COVID-19 and a kidney infection.


While fellow Rajini fans prayed for the fan's health improvement on social media, Rajinikanth sent a message of strength via audio after learning about his critical health condition. 


The fan who has now tested negative for COVID-19 but is still hospitalized for the kidney issue posted the audio message on twitter today which had Rajinikanth saying,


"Murali, This is Rajinikanth here. Nothing will happen to you my dear. Be brave. I pray to God. You will soon recover and come home. After you recover, please take your family along and come home. I will meet you. Stay strong. I will pray to God. Be brave dear, be brave." 


The fan reacted to Rajini's message by tweeting, "I received the blessing of Rajinikanth. Magic happened, Miracle took place. Corona came back negative. Thanks to the prayers of Thalaivar's guardians, my kidney will also be fine soon and I will be back to normal. Thank you for your prayers."


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