Actor credited for NEP 2020 calls for all Indian states to support it!

PUBLISHED DATE : 31/Jul/2020

Actor credited for NEP 2020 calls for all Indian states to support it!

The highly debated New Education Policy (NEP 2020) in India is the first set of changes in the educational system of the country in the last 34 years. NEP is debated because many feel it removes the very structures that ensures education for the downtrodden (two-thirds of the 1.38 billion people) which in turn ensures their upliftment. Nevertheless the the Central Government has introduced it and NEP 2020 is here to be implemented. 


Admist the oppositions that continued to follow post the decision, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriya Nishank, the Union Cabinet Minister for Human Resource Development had taken to twitter to reveal that actor-politician Pawan Kalyan's 'views' were taken into account while drafting the NEP, 2020.


In the video that was shared, the  Jana Sena Chief can be seen stating that he always wanted to learn so much more when he was in his intermediate (10+2), and that so many people have wanted to, and still want to do the same.



And now the actor has released a full blown statement thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi where he states,


“For decades, Indian Education System was archaic and rote that had burdened the students with stress and anxiety. Vocational training was neglected; Indian language was overlooked which created stereotypes – science versus arts, inflexible systems.



Hardly any choice given to the students. All this ends, now..I wish all states to join in this important mission to transform India and implement NEP.”

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