Kamal Haasan launches Naame Theervu for turning Chennai COVID-19 Green!

PUBLISHED DATE : 05/Jun/2020

Kamal Haasan launches Naame Theervu for turning Chennai COVID-19 Green!

Actor Kamal Haasan on Friday launched a campaign called Naame Theervu [We Are The Solution] through his political outfit Makkal Needhi Maiam [MNM] as an initiative to save Chennai from the Coronavirus scare. Naame Theervu was launched marking the occasion of World Environment Day and it proposes that we ourselves extend our helping hands to those in need, like we have done throughout these days of COVID-19 lockdown. 


An official statement from Kamal Haasan called for volunteers to join this 'people's movement' and read, "Lakhs of people extended helping hands against poverty and hunger caused (by Coronavirus COVID-19) because they believed they were the solution. They still do. Otherwise hunger would have claimed more lives than the virus. Now we propose to take it forward as a people's movement.



This (Naame Theervu) is an initiative to resurrect the city (Chennai) that nurtured the dreams of many people including mine.. While the rules of lockdown are being relaxed, people are stepping out..and protecting them from contracting the virus is of paramount importance now more than ever.


People are the solution to those who need medical assistance, safety equipments, sanitisers and food ration..You can tell us your problems or volunteer for any activity ranging from donating to delivering (Call 63-69-81-11-11)..Let's resurrect Chennai together..Lets bring it out from red to green."



Kamal Haasan's initiative comes at a time when Chennai, the only red zone in Tamil Nadu with the highest number of increasing COVID-19 cases, is estimated with a projection of 1.5 lakh cases with 1600 deaths by July 15, 2020

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