Is 7aum Arivu Team Breaking Apart?

PUBLISHED DATE : 08/Nov/2011

Is 7aum Arivu Team Breaking Apart?

What's brewing in 7aum Arivu's camp?

Looks like Velayudham's UPOD strategy of Under Promising and Over Delivering(UPOD) worked this time. When Velayudham team conducted their success meet on the 3rd day after release, the team was visibly relieved by the initial reports. The sense of camaraderie was evident as Vijay, Vijay Antony and Jayam Raja were praising each others, hosting parties with friends and well-wishers. 


However, 7aum Arivu success meets convey a sombre mood. Insiders are speculating a possible tension among the team members. Case in point, the 7th Sense Telugu success meet was held in Hyderabad last week and was attended only by Suriya and Shruthi. Recent success meets in Malaysia and Chennai were conducted by Suriya with almost all notable key players completely missing in action (including AR Murugadoss, Shruthi, Harris Jayaraj, Udhay Stalin and other prominent technicians)


So, did 7aum Arivu crumble under its own sky-high expectations that it had set for itself? Why are 7aum Arivu team members refusing to see eye-to-eye even though the Box Office performance of 7aum Arivu is comparable to that of its mighty competitor? Is trouble brewing among the Ghajni team members? We sincerely hope that is not the case!


-Kodambakkam Kuruvi

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