"Will not be the CM Candidate of RMM" - Rajinikanth at Press Meet

PUBLISHED DATE : 12/Mar/2020

"Will not be the CM Candidate of RMM" - Rajinikanth at Press Meet

Actor politician Rajinikanth has finally clearly announced that though he will be heading his political party Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM), he will not be the CM candidate for the upcoming 2021 elections from his party. The Superstar actor also said that when he informed this decision to his party cadres last meeting, their negative reactions is what left him 'disappointed' in the first place, putting an end to his suspense-filled statement a few days ago. 


The 70 year old actor has not announced who will be the CM candidate of RMM but he has made it clear that it will be someone who is 'well learned', 'capable' and 'below 50 years of age.' Excerpts from his live press meet today: 



  • [Update] In 1996, I started observing Tamil Nadu politics. I announced my political entry only in 2017.


  • [Update] In 2017, there was a political vacuum after Jayalalithaa's death. That's when I said the system has to change.


  • After winning the elections, some of them indulge in corruption. For many, politicians is a full time job.


  • [Update] #RajinikanthPressMeet : "Coming to power without changing the [corrupted] system is equivalent to making sweet Pongal in an unwashed dish used for making fish curry"


  • [Update] "60% - 65% candidates in my party will be new blood [women included] who are below 50 years of age. The rest 40%-45% will be the 'good people' from other parties, retired IAS/IPS officers, etc"


  • [Update] #Rajinikanth - "In 1996, even PM Narasimha Rao called and told me - this is a good chance for Dravidian politics to flourish, why don't you take the chance..People call me fascist for this but once I make up my mind to be 'no' I don't deter from it"


  • [Update] "People may ask, there are so many good candidates in #RMM but why am I making someone less than 50 years old a CM candidate..When I can say no, they can too! If its for people's good, people should be able to say no" - #Rajinikanth at #RajinikanthPressMeet


  • [Update] "When I put forth my decision to #RMM members, I was dissatisfied with their reaction. I understood their frustration that I wasn't going to be the CM candidate but a good cadre is someone who follows the leader & not the other way around" - #Rajinikanth at #RajinikanthPressMeet


  • [Update] "When people vote for DMK, 30% vote is for the party and 70% is for #Kalaignar. When they vote for ADMK, same 70% is for #Jayalalithaa. Both of them are not here..People should view #RMM in a similar manner" - #Rajini

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