Irandaam Ulagapporin Kadaisi Gundu Songs - Music Review: A Riveting Soundtrack by Tenma with Powerful Lyrics

PUBLISHED DATE : 21/Nov/2019

Irandaam Ulagapporin Kadaisi Gundu Songs - Music Review: A Riveting Soundtrack by Tenma with Powerful Lyrics

Irandaam Ulagapporin Kadaisi Gundu - A Riveting Soundtrack by Tenma with Powerful Lyrics

Suhansid Srikanth

Nilamellaam.. written by Uma Devi opens with a warmup scream that preps you up for a war call against oppression. Chitrasenan, Gaana Bala and Arivu chaps in their boldest of vocals along with Tenma's repeating beats. "Mudhalellaam ungal koluppinil karaiya..", "Samamellaam engal kooliyil nigazha.." and many such lines strongly talk of the rising evil parades of capitalism and how the world shuts infront of its consistent dismissal of minorities. "Thozhargalil dhaagam senneeril theerndhidumaa?" asks the track! Uma Devi pulls off some heavy strikers and gems like "Uyir enna oru uyirukku kuraivaa?" throughout the track! The closing 'Kelviyidum senjenaiyidam..' part is alluringly haunting!


Maavuliyo.. written by Thanikodi is a mellifluously melodious track sung by Shweta Mohan and chorused by Tenma himself. The tune with no pressure gives a beautiful pre2010 vibes. Shweta Mohan's rendition flavours a contrast against Tenma's rugged 'Maavuliyo Maaveli' chant. "Urimai dhaane nam kaadhal..", "Neenda kaala irulai anaithu nimirum neruppu pattrume!".. Thanikodi, despite being a love number, effortlessly brings the shade and theme of the characters into the song!


Iruchi, based on traditional folk song, is sung by Senthil Ganesh. The powerful track of the album, written by Uma Devi, shatters the chuckles of casteism and discrimination by calling the goddesses and deities to come over! A vibrant "Ange idi muzhangudhu! Sanaadhanam ellaam norunga pogudhu!" sends chills down the spine! Senthil Ganesh's rurality along with Tenma's rooted, rustic beats leaves a long lasting impact!


Thalaimurai.. written by Arivu, is sung by Shakthishree Gopalan and Chinna Ponnu. The track sings for the need of peace, rights and freedom during the times we are in. Chinna Ponnu's earthy vocals along with Shakthishree's brewing base is quite something. Arivu's lines like "Kadhariya bodhum.. Kadhavinai moodum.." speaks for Kashmir, Syria, Palestine and every part of the earth out there demanding its right and justice!


Neduvazhi.. sung by Vignesh Eshwar sings out the pathos of protagonist as he yearns after parting ways with the woman. A heavy Yuvanish touch all over.. and lyrics like 'Maadaruthu nee vandha kolam' and 'Saaraaya muththam innum mookkil nikkudhu!' promises a wild mix! Irul Vaanam.. sung by Susha, is a melody of hope that promises a better tomorrow to the love! Uma Devi brings a classic choice of words like 'Emmaane', 'Malaiyoorum', 'Thalaivan', 'Adalaerae!' to bring in a sense of antiqueness to the track! Of all the lines, there is one to believe in.. "Kaadhal nammai thaetrum!"


Bottomline :

Athiran Athirai's debut directorial 'Irandaam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu' with Tenma debuting in as Composer is a riveting soundtrack and can be assumed, to an extent, as a companion piece to Santhosh Narayanan's 'Pariyerum Perumal'. The powerful lyrics by Uma Devi and Arivu along with some stunning folk singers push the album into a terrific zone. The tracks celebrate the innocence of rural love, aggressive urge and the need for the world to be free and in peace and its right to live beyond labels and identities!


MC Picks: Maavuli, Iruchi, Nilamellaam and Thalaimurai 

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