Ashok Selvan's Redrum - An ode to 'The Shining'!?

PUBLISHED DATE : 16/Nov/2019

The term Redrum, which is when spelt backwards gives 'murder' was first used in Stephen King's best selling novel 'The Shining' which was also a super-hit movie of the same name [The Shining got its sequel 20 years later only last week as Doctor Sleep]. Now, a Tamil movie with the title Redrum and using a similar concept of psychic abilities has had a teaser release starring Ashok Selvan in the lead. 


Written and directed by Vikram Shreedharan, Redrum showcases the lead as being able to hear things which is told to him in medical terms as 'Auditory Hallucination'. But seems like there is more to his 'abilities' and the film seems to rely on the hidden meaning of 'redrum', which is life, the opposite of murder.

Also starring Samyuktha Hornad, Redrum has Vishal Chandrashekhar for music and is expected to hit theater screens soon. 

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