Brother's Day Review - A Potentially Good Family Thriller Drama That Falls Just Average!

PUBLISHED DATE : 07/Sep/2019

Brother's Day Review - A Potentially Good Family Thriller Drama That Falls Just Average!

Brother's Day Review - A Potentially Good Family Thriller Drama That Falls Just Average!

Suhansid Srikanth


Kalabhavan Shajohn’s directorial debut Brother’s Day is a thriller that attempts to be happily commercial. The film has all that you want. A star like Prithvi Raj in his uber cool charm and fun after a while.. Yes! An ensemble cast.. Yes! Mindless jokes.. Yes! Foot-tapping music numbers.. Yes! Melodrama of a comic character who occasionally worries about him not having a child.. Yes! A brutal villain who blackmails, demands ransom and kills random girls for no reason.. Yes! A final climax fight where good takes over the evil.. Yes! It all does sound a bit cliched.. but the film does engage you for the most parts.

The story starts off with a dramatic prologue of a brother and sister in a small rural town in TamilNadu. The brother kills his own father and his father’s friend when he finds out that they are trying to molest his sister. With blood shaded hands, he holds her sister and comes out. When neighbours try to catch him.. he runs away. The sister is left all alone now. There starts this film! And, for a good long time, we don’t see what happened to both of them. And that is quite interesting. It makes us go with the obvious guess that PrithviRaj is that brother. The film tricks out with this as twistful as it can be.

After a bunch of serious films, PrithviRaj is relaxed and in super fun mode in this outing. The style and charm pulls off the otherwise heavy film. Madonna Sebastian plays this character that doesn’t believe in men or marriage. The shade is interesting as it doesn’t flex itself into a female lead. Aishwarya Lekshmi as Santa comes into the scene almost after an hour and half of the film.. yet, she brings out the character alive with her superb screen presence.

Prasanna, plays Shiva, this gruesome antagonist at his psychotic best. The character’s traits are so out of nowhere. We don’t get his intentions. We don’t get what sort of reasons that the story could have demanded to picture him as a psychopath who would let a dog scramble, scratch and bite a woman’s body and watch it with a pleasure. Though Prasanna tries his best to etch an evil shade to the role, other characters unanimously falling in his trap with zero question on his why and whereabouts irks us.

4 Musics and Nadirshah has scored the film. Dhanush has written and sung a song as well. Though the tracks are kinda good.. the background score is over the board and too on the face. Akhilesh Mohan’s editing could have been a bit more crispier and compactful as the film unreasonably stretches out further and further.

The problem with the film is how it fools around for more than an entire half in silly jokes and practical comedy while bagging up all the traumatic drama to head up for climax. For all that name dropping title, the actual relationship of brother and sister between PrithviRaj and Prayaga Martin doesn’t come off convincing. The tragedy that happens to her is told more as a story than a doom. There is Miya as well who plays another victim of Shiva.. whose character aligns with him to trap other victims and at the end, comes off heroic by helping out PrithviRaj to find where they are located. We get that somehow the film has to end.. but when it snails for more than hundred minutes and rushes out on the next sixty minutes.. it quickly falls as made up!



Kalabhavan Shajohn’s Brother’s Day, starring PrithviRaj, Madonna Sebastian, Aishwarya Lekshmi and Prasanna is an averagely engaging family thriller drama that takes a long while to kick-in into the actual plot.

Rating : 2.5/5

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